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Tuesday, April 5th 2011

2:28 PM

Obsidian Gives Lecture On The Fundaments Of Game At Very Smart Brothas

NOTE: Following up on my recent lecture on Dark/Sith Game, and in keeping in line with the theme of Mercury Retrograde (an excellent time to review that which has already been covered), I thought to post up a recent comment/"lecture" of mine, on Game and related topics and questions that some of the VSB members had. It was a great discussion overall, by the way, good peeps over there, and one Brotha in particular, Scipio Africanus, was ripping it. I'm gonna feature some of his insights here at the O-Files in the coming days, it was so good, so stay tuned...

Comment and reply, invited!

"where is O he seems like he will be up, on and around this topic!"

- Yoles

You rang, madam?

I apologize for my tardiness, but a Brotha needs his beauty sleep. OK then, onto to the show...

Champ, good post as per usual; you guys keep me coming back. Let's take things just a weebit further along now that you've set the table, shall we?

1. Game (noun; "to game" or "running game", verb): A complex of mating strategies designed to win the SEXUAL attraction of the Human Female. (Obsidian)

Game - that is, the Art of Seduction (Male to Female) - has always been with Humanity, going back to our ancestral past on the Savannah. Indeed, much of Game's underpinnings is rooted in the truths unearthed by Evolutionary Psychology, and serious students of the Venusian Arts are required to read books like Sperm Wars, The Red Queen and The Evolution of Desire, to name a few. Indeed, Mystery's odd and outlandish style of dressing emanates from the evolutionary world, both of human and mammalian mating - "Peacocking" - and it is in fact no stranger to African Americans. For while Mystery has his fuzzy hats and black fingernail polish, the players and pimps of inner city America have their flashy suits, cars and furs. Indeed, The Mystery Method is to White guys, what Iceberg Slim's Pimp (one of the most commercially successful books ever written by an African American by the way) is to the Brothahood; the latter was informal, never written down and rarely shared to curtail the potential for competition; the former was codifed, plotted out on a flowchart, and widely available for free on the Internet. In many ways, Game was instinctual for the Brothas, a learned, step by step process for our White brothers - think Fab Five and Duke, since that's been a hot topic of late. I'll have more to say about this over at my place soon.

So anyway, that's the deal with exactly what Game is. Now, let me drop something else on the crowd:

Game is AMORAL.

It is neither "good" nor "bad" in and of itself. One of the better known names of the Seduction community, David D'Angelo, coined the popular phrase, "Attraction is not a choice", and it is true - last year, the NYT released an article that discussed at length extensive studies that attempted to answer Freud's famous question "what do Women want?", and found that Women can indeed be sexually attracted to situations and Males that they had no conscious awareness of. Feeble attempts by the ignorant and evolutionarily unwashed masses to put Game into a "good/bad" box are just that - feeble - because they do not understand how sexual attraction works. This is why "good" Women can and often will be sexually attracted to otherwise "bad" Men - it isn't that the bad boy being a bad boy itself is a sexual turn on, but rather that he displays, either as a result of inborn traits or acquired behaviors and training, the traits that Women find most sexually attractive. Mystery's huge contribution has been to isolate what those factors are, and to plot them out on a flowchart. The results, are nothing short of devastating.

In my own presentation of the Venusian Arts, I often make allusions to the famed Star Wars series of films, since many of its themes and concepts work very nicely to explain much of Game's underyling ideas. Just like the Force has its "Light" and "Dark" sides, so too does Game, and it is dependent upon the user as to which way he will go. In the community today, and down through the ages, there are those who have used the Seduction arts for good or ill; in the present day, I refer to those who use Game in its worst light as "Dark Game" or "Sith Game". Roissy in DC, is an excellent example of this. For lack of a better way of putting it, "Jedi Game" is the morally right way of deploying Game; indeed, it is a tenet of Game teaching, both in the hood and in the burbs, that true players "manage expectations". Lying to a Woman in order to get sexual favors from her under false pretenses, is an example of Sith Game.

2. Why are so many Women averse to Game? Answer: Evolution. The evolutionary goal of the Female is to mate with the most fittest Male in the round. In the ancestral environment, when people lived in much smaller groups and errbody pretty much knew errbody else, this was a relatively easy thing for her to do, to seperate out the Best Man and mate with him. But in our time, where it is very easy to live in a city comprising multi-million numbers of people, moving in and out of the city all the time, it is very hard for her to determine who the Best Man is. The Alpha Males are such because they display the behaviors Women find to be the most sexually attractive, and if potentially millions of Men can figure out a way to display said behaviors, Women won't be able to determine the "real" from the "fake" Alphas. This is hugely important; the Female only has a limited amount of eggs, and a limited amount of time with which to "make good on them". If she mates with the wrong guy - in Game parlance, a Beta Male - it could prove disasterous for her. For one thing, she will have lost precious time being out of the mating market, due to pregnancy and at least a year of weaning the baby produced. But on top of that, she will also have produced, from an evolutionary standpoint, a lesser baby, with reduced prospects to carry on the genetic line. Sounds crazy I know, but the truth is that we human beings aren't all that different than we were 10K years ago, despite all our toys, bells and whistles. Despite the fact that Women in our time can earn for themselves, and can literally control when and under what circumstances they become a Baby Mama, the fact remains that sex is a very risky affair for them; everytime they laydown with a Man it is a crapshoot. And that's not even including whether the sex itself will be good for her (ie, whether she has an orgasm) or if she is raped (taken against her will; rape is a Male mating strategy as well) or STDs, which often has a much more profound impact on the Female than the Male all other things being equal. Simply put, eggs expensive and sex very risky for the Female; sperm cheap and sex very hard to get for the Male.

3. Game, ie, Seduction, Male to Female, is for all intents, Universal: There are indeed cultural differences (and some have argued even genetic differences, an idea that I am not necessarily averse to) between the world's Women, but the basic factors underlying Game are pretty much the same. Gaming Sistas - even those who like to think of themselves as urbane and sophisticated - is going to be a different kettle of fish in terms of degree than gaming their White counterparts - both the root of it all is the same, which is displaying psychosexual dominance. Game shines on the Pretty and Homely alike; the Young and the Old alike; the Black and the White alike.

4. Of all the methods and techniques of Game, why is the "Neg" so focused on/hated on/talked about by Women? Answer: BECAUSE IT WORKS.

I'll hold here. Good discussion Champ!

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4 comment(s).

Posted by Pogobor99:

Article continued.....

because of a relationship that you got lazy with – there is a dark side that is dangerous and quite counter productive. And that is the danger of losing your humanity. Going to an extreme alpha state can produce an arrogant and cold demeanour to all other people, including girls – aloof to the point where a girl cannot or will not feel your actual affection for her.

A girl that does not feel affection, will not stay with you. Giving her proper doses of affection is key in showing your humanity, and your general caring of her. Sounds anti alpha to a beta struggling to grasp what an alpha is. The poor beta, the one who tries to drag himself out of the deep dark well he has been cast into, is a constant battle with him. He is too worried that he’ll come off beta if he shows affection, too beta if he returns a text too soon, too beta if he compliments her too quickly, is he doing it too much – has he broken any rules of the game?

Why has she lost attraction in him? Is he not calibrating enough? What stage is he at? Ad Nauseum.

It is important to note, for all men learning game, and rising out of the beta ashes, that these are all guidelines, examples, and stories in order to help you see the light and error of your ways with women. Some of my experiences and advice will not work for you the exact way it will for me – whether it be my looks, your looks, your status or my status; those will always have a say on how your game works with different sets of girls. No, in order to reach alphadom, you must reach a level where these things become not second nature, but a part of who you are. And in the process, remember, because it’s not said enough, that showing affection, caring and emotion, is a part of the alpha’s arsenal. We merely avoid the topics because to any beta out there, the sheer mention of those words send him spiraling back into the abyss, possibly worse off than before.

I can be a cold mother fucker, I can be
Tuesday, April 5th 2011 @ 5:00 PM

Posted by Pogobor99:

article continued...

I can be a cold mother fucker, I can be aloof to the point where girls have no concept of my actual feelings for her, but I can also give a compliment, show her affection, give her sweet gestures, etc, and not only when I’m driving my glorious man shaft into her quaking cave of bliss. No I can do so, because it’s without need, shame or over intensity. When tearing down girls off of pedestals it’s important to remember that their soft, feminine, sweet, caring, and tenderness are all wonderful things, that you’re only learning to not be swayed by them because you want to lavish yourself in them. And to do so, you must reach a level of a man, who does not need this to fill a missing hole in his soul, or to make him feel better, or to make him feel like a man – but only because he desires them. To be alpha, is to know yourself, and be comfortable with yourself, that you never need to question your actions and behaviour, nor will anyone change it.

But teaching this to beginners is dangerous, because so many beta’s are in the trouble they are in, because they think they do feel this way about themselves, until, of course you throw a girl into the mix. Then they lose absolute control.

When learning game, remember, hold onto that humanity, even if you want to bang a lot of girls and pump and dump them – always follow the golden rule: Leave them better than you found them. And if you are devirginating someone, do the rest of us a favor and devirginate them properly, no one likes it when a girl who thinks she knows how to give head, doesn’t. Be a sport and take it slow with her, and hold her mouth closed till she swallows.

*two cents*
Tuesday, April 5th 2011 @ 5:01 PM

Posted by samjohn4810:

I apologize for my tardiness, but a Brotha needs his beauty sleep. OK then, onto to the show online sports psychology degree
Saturday, March 9th 2013 @ 1:32 AM

Posted by Ehtel:

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Thursday, May 15th 2014 @ 6:39 AM