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Thursday, March 3rd 2011

11:28 AM

"Shii-Cho Game" & Killing The "Brainy Guys Don't Get Laid" Fallacy

"Keep it simple, smartass."

- Obsidian

Yesterday, I spoke at some length about Anti-Seducers, based on the excellent book by Robert Greene called The Art of Seduction; in particular, I mentioned two types of characters Greene mentioned of the Anti-Seduction variety - the Moralizer, and the Bumbler - and I had said that the Manosphere is chockfull of both types. Today, I want to pickup where I left off, while also offering what I hope will be some practical, results-oriented solutions to those who wish to turn their situation around.

A huge complaint among many Men in the Manosphere, is that Women's tastes are vain and vapid; that instead of opting for the "good guy" they instead go for the "bad boy" nearly every time out. And to be frank, they be 100% correct; there is a great deal of truth to their observations. But not quite for the reasons they think.

I say that because, those who make these kinds of remarks usually do so from either a Moralizing, or a Bumbling standpoint - often a good mixture of both - and which blinds them from the truth of things. One reason why "bad boys" get the girls is a very simple one - they are the ones who show up. They hit on more girls than a little bit, and if nothing else, the law of averages begins to kick in and work in their favor. Trust me, if you see a guy who is good with Women, nine times out of ten he's stepped to a lot of them; and more often than not, he's been rejected by a lot of them, too. There isn't a Man on this Earth who hasn't been rejected or turned down or flaked on by a Woman, usually quite a few. But what the socalled "good guys" only see, is when the "bad boys" score - they never see the numerous times they strikeout.

Another reason why bad boys win out is because they simply have more balls than everyone else. Mythical stories aside, the simple truth is, that few if any Women are going to approach you as a guy - you have to do SOMETHING to make something happen, even if you're a master of Indirect Game. The bad boys tend to be much more direct than the good guys; even when you control for skillsets and experience - which in reality, actually is NOT the case at all when evaluating these groups - the bad boys win out. Why? Because, simply put, Direct Game trumps Indirect Game, that's why, especially if one is looking for upping their sheer notch counts. Bad boys have more Direct Game than do good guys, even when it isn't so great (think Tony Manero). Being a "good guy" doesn't count for a lot, if no one knows it.

But here's yet another reason as to why "bad boys" get more girls, and that includes the ones the smart, brainy, "good guys" think should be with them - its because the bad boys understand, either intuitively or through a learned process or both, how to see the world through a Woman's eyes, how to think the way a Woman does, and to have at least the appearance of being cool with that. While quite a few bad boy types are clearly misogynistic, in truth, I say it is the "Beta Male" types that proliferate the Manosphere, who harbor a goodly degree more utter contempt for the feminine point of view. This explains why so many guys in the Manosphere have so many complaints about the interests and desires of Women; in their view, theirs is not only the superior way of thinking, but it is the ONLY way of thinking - and they are bitter beyond words that these stupid Women don't see that and get with that good for nothing ne'er do well.

But the truth - the harsh, bitter truth - is that the Brainy Guys often get passed over, not just because they don't step up and approach the ladies (or when they do they're so woefully outta pocket it's not even funny), but also because Women can pickup on these guys' sense of moral superiority, their intellectual hubris, and their belief that they are right, and they're looking down on the things most Women hold very dear, like emotions, feelings, interacting with others - all the while being incongruent as a MoFo. Why do I say that? Because these tend to be the guys who don't have any interest or caring about grooming to say nothing of style; because they live in their heads for most of their lives, they either don't give any thought to the other aspects of themselves, including the physical, and as well, they often think that they only thing that matters is the life of the mind as they understand it.

It has often been asked, why don't Nerdy Gals get with Nerdy Guys? Such a question is posed usually by Women, and the response to such a question is very simple: because "Nerdy Women", are still Women. They may be a bit quirkier than the average Woman, but they still have a much highly developed social sense than most Men out there. Nerdy Guys, almost by definition, and almost to a Man, are anti-social - that is to say, that they focus a great deal of their time not on or with other people, but with abstract ideas and concepts - and then, highly esoteric or odd ones at that - things that even the most "nerdy" of Women find a bit difficult to stick with for any extended periods of time. Such qualities may lend themselves well to certain career fields, but we're not talking about a job interview here. We're talking about Seduction - which requires the development of other skillsets in order to be successful.

Nerdy, socalled "good guys" are way too rigid for their own good. Their over-reliance on linear black-and-white thinking and modes of seeing the world hamper them greatly when it comes to dealings with the opposite sex. Women simply don't see the world around them in this way; they tend to be, and greatly enjoy, complexity a heck of a lot more than the socalled "good guys" do. And this is yet another reason why "bad boys" get over so much with Women, because they tend to be more emotionally volatile. Well, for Women, that's a big turn-on, because so often, THEY are emotionally volatile, too, and they can understand what that's about. Nerdy "good guys", often are monotone in their emotional expression, if they have them at all, unless it's yet again, about some esoteric, inanimate idea/concept/thing they're working on or are into. Brooding figures like James Dean or Marlon Brando were and continue to be very much liked by Women the world over, because of their being known for their "still waters run deep" personas. Nerdy good guys may indeed be deep, but no one would no it by looking at them, or hearing them speak. Again, they talk about THINGS, not people, or emotions, or feelings. All of which Women are very, very much into.

It is this rigidity that is at the center of the Beta Male rage at Women in our time, and often forms the basis of their arguments. One of them is what I refer to as the June Clever argument - the notion that, if we could just roll the clock back to a time when Women's choices were rightly controlled, they would see the light and make the "right" choice - which of course, is a Man like themselves. No thought or consideration is given to what Women want or need or feel - ever notice this? And which flows into their next grand argument, which is what I call the "Western Savior" argument - the idea that Western civilization's very survival is at stake, and that we must, for the good of all, rollback the clock in order to "save" it. Notice something here? THE ARGUMENT IS ITSELF A MANIFESTION OF THE "THINGS" WAY NERDY GOOD GUYS SEE THE WORLD. Huge, amorphous and grandiose notions about "society" and "civilization" come into the picture, but rarely if ever, do you hear anything from these guys about emotions and feelings on a personal level, unless of course, it is them doing the ranting about their own grievous sense of discontent. Which leads me to another point - that despite their "nice guy" facade, these guys tend to be quite selfish in the ways previously mentioned; that their way or seeing the world is the only and right way, and so forth. As noted above, Women have an extraordinarily refined social antennae, and can sniff out fakes and phonies. This is why so many "nice guys" wind up alone - because in truth, they were never so "nice" at all; just very bad actors at it.

Brainy, or nerdy "good/nice guys" are also waaaaaay too serious, about everything - the complete opposite of what Seduction is all about, which is a departure from the dreary, dull, mundane world. This has always been true, but it is especially true in our time when just about every Woman who can work, does. For all the talk about "A Woman's Nation" and so forth, the reality is that the vast majority of Women do jobs they don't particularly like and long for an escape of some sort. Even if they're still in school, the routine is often arduous and monotunous - the last thing they want is to have another wet blanket experience in the form of your lame ass. Bad boys, whatever flaws they may bring to the table, also bring excitement, a departure from said Womens' dreary, routine-filled world, and a thrill-a-minute vibe that's infectious. This is why the cute yet brainy gal in study hall can be swept off her feet by the guys in the frat house, or why that kinda quirky gal on the job is hooked up with the grease monkey who hit on her at the coffee shop. Being a "good guy" doesn't lend itself to the mating dance and what it takes to be good at it. A major reason why bad boys get over so often and why good guys don't, is because the latter fails to understand that attraction - sexual attraction - doesn't go to confession. It is amoral, and only has moral import or meaning, when we human beings assign them to it. Nerdy good guys put the morality before the tingle, when in truth, it should be the other way around.

This rigidity I spoke about earlier? Well, it explains why, even in Black America, those who are considered nerdy and the like, bitterly complain about being teased and worse, for "trying to be White". While at first glance it sounds like a reasoned argument, upon closer inspection it is but a variation on the very same themes I've spoken about above. Consider the following names, and ask yourself if they were ever accused of "trying to be White":

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Malcolm X
Richard Wright
Frederick Douglass
Booker T. Washington
W.E.B. DuBois
John Hope Franklin
Barack Obama
Michael Eric Dyson

And that's just a few names off the top of my head. Not a single one was ever accused of "trying to be White"; indeed, they were and continue to be, revered, in large part due, to their towering intellects. Women LOVED these guys, you hear me? And if you doubt it, just you try doing a bit of research on them. Quite a few of these Men were true Men of Letters: Obama, as we all know, was not only the first Black president of Harvard's prestigiuous Law Review, but also did his undergrad at Columbia; later, he was a constitutional law scholar at the prestigious University of Chicago. He's won a larger percentage of the Female Vote than ever in the history of such things being recorded in American politics - eclipsing even former president Bill Clinton, himself a Rhodes Scholar. Dubois' very name has become associated with scholarship and academic excellence - the first Black Man ever to attend and graduate from Harvard, and then went on to study in Berlin, Germany, DuBois is our country's first true sociologist with the publication of his "Philadelphia Negro", written while he was a visting professor at the University of Pennsylvania (and which brings another "Geek with Game" to mind: Benjamin Franklin), and a bit later, the immortal "Souls of Black Folk". DuBois was treated like a rockstar in both Black and White America, particularly by the ladies, which continued right up until his death in Accra, Ghana.

We all know the deal with MLK - he attended the "Black Harvard" in Morehouse and would go on to become one of and in the minds of many, the best orator the Union has ever had. We also know for a fact, that quite a few Women - White and Black alike - really liked them some MLK. Of Dyson - a Man whose life began a great deal closer to that of auto-didacts like Malcolm and Wright - we can rightly say, that he made being smart sexy. He's known as the "Hip Hop scholar" and has brought a serious appreciation, analysis, critique and interpretation of the artform to the awareness of millions, while he has taught at such prestigious institutions as UPenn, DuPaul, Georgetown and others.

Three Men on the list were so mentally gifted, that they actualized their prowess all on their own - Frederick Douglass, born a slave, taught himself how to read and write, and would go on to be one of our country's guiding moral lights in the fight to end slavery and to make real the promise of libery and freedom enshrined on our Constitution. Considered one of the country's best orators hands down, Douglass' speeches were often sold-out, standing room only events, attended in the main by Whites. Douglass had several White wives - an unheard of thing at the time - and quite a few White female admirers to boot. Malcolm X grew up on the mean streets of Boston and Harlem, NY, where he learned the Code of the Streets; later, when he was incarcerated, he used that time to train his mind, beginning with the reading of the entire dictionary. He would go on to be an eloquent speaker, a fierce debator and one of Time magazine's most compelling people of all time. He never attended Harvard or Oxford, but he gave speeches there; even the great intellectual William F. Buckley paid rapt attention to him. The brother's Game was so tight he made horn-rimmed glasses sexy. Think about it. Wright was born poor in the Deep South and moved to Chicago to find his fortune. He did, as a writer, thinker and intellectual, one of the most profound coming out of the post-Harlem Renaissance period. He travelled the world teaching himself as he went along, and writing about it. Name me the person who says that he was trying to act White because he taught himself to bring out the best his mind could offer.

What all of these Men have in common, in addition to their towering intellects of course, is that they also had SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE - they all knew how to relate to others, to see things as they did, to consider other points of view, even if they didn't particularly agree with them or like the people who proffered them. Moreover, all of these Men had STYLE. Just take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. The Harlem Renaissance, a period of great artistic and intellectual flowering in Black America, is one where it was indeed cool and sexy to be smart - as long as you were indeed, cool and sexy.

Get it?

Trust me when I tell you, Women LOVE SMART GUYS, but, and this is crucial, you gotta be able to demonstrate "IQ" in other areas as well, because even the smartest Woman is still a Woman in the end. And when forced to choose between a pure Data-like android, who has no understanding of nuance, or ambiguity; who cannot understand a joke or an irony; who doesnt see what art does especially to Women nor its importance to the human condition, guys like Brando win out, "Stella!" harangues and all.

It is for all these reasons, that the best thing guys like the Nerds and Geeks can do, is learn a style of Game I refer to as "Shii-Cho Game" - I call it that because it focuses on the basics - the fundamentals - of Seduction: Negs, Social Proof, Preselection, IOIs, IODs, Group Theory, Openers, Peacocking, Body Language, etc. All very basic stuff, and all should be executed in a very simple way. Because these kinds of guys tend to be "robotic" in their manner and being, Shii-Cho Game is excellently suited for them, because of all the styles of Game, this is the one that most relies on simple, "how-to" steps, along the lines I've just outlined. Moreover, Shii-Cho Game, more than any other style, focuses on the use of "canned" lines, openers and routines - unlike some in the community and elsewhere who express a less than flowery view of canned material, I say that they can be quite helpful to the rank beginner and should definitely be used - after all, it beats a blank - and they wouldn't be "canned" if they didn't work. Right? With time, patience and practice, you can modify these canned lines and the like to suit your own individuality and preferences, so they become more like you, so to speak.

The great thing about Shii-Cho Game for the Nerdy Guys, is that the Women who most appreciate really smart Men, don't require lots of Game to win them over - but you gotta have some Game, all the same. Shii-Cho Game gets the job done. It's not a high flying style like Ataru or Juyo Game, nor is it as "deep" as Soresu Game, nor is it as improvisational as Makashi Game; but it's beauty lay in its simplicity. So, instead of trying to dance like Tony Manero, just concentrate on a simple two-step. Instead of going buckwild with peacocking, focus on getting daily grooming right and then taking things up just a notch. Instead of going to clubs and venues where other types of Game are better suited, instead stick to and/or find places to go where your natural smarts, with a bit of Game thrown in, would be more likely to be appreciated by the ladies.

At this point, getting hold of the readling list I spoke about a few weeks back is essential for you to be successful. The posts I write here are meant to supplement, perhaps even augment, what those books talk about. But they cannot, nor do I intend for them to replace, said works. They are the fundaments of Game. You cannot do without them.

I'll close out by saying this: never once has my "smarts" been an impediment to being successful with Women. Indeed, it has been quite the reverse - just about every Woman I've ever been with has told me at some point in our relationship, that the one big thing that won her over, was my intelligence. I am living proof that being smart and being sexy, don't have to be mutally exclusive. Having a brain and having Game, can and often do, go quite nicely together.

Get some of the latter, and see for yourself.

Now adjourn your socially maladjusted asses...

The Obsidian

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Posted by Obsidian:

Hey Man! What's good? I've been listening to some of your podcasts - keep up the good work, and thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger, and definitely don't forget to checkout my new blog collective, Just Four Guys: justfourguys.com!

Wednesday, June 26th 2013 @ 6:29 AM

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Posted by Obsidian:

How and in what way was I or anyone else "White people bashing"? Please explain? Thanks.

Saturday, March 5th 2011 @ 10:21 AM

Posted by Albert:

All the white people bashing aside, interesting that you mention the moralizing attitude. I have observed this attitude in myself since i began studying game, and after getting rid of it, my interaction with women (and people in general) has improved alot. but as a white guy one is raised in a moralizing culture and most of the moralizing being done is on you, having been told since day one that you are the cause of all misery in the world will make you more likely to also moralize on others.
Friday, March 4th 2011 @ 12:44 PM

Posted by Scipio Africanus:

"It is amoral, and only has moral import or meaning, when we human beings assign them to it. Nerdy good guys put the morality before the tingle, when in truth, it should be the other way around."

Sorry, I see you did sort of touch on that point.
Friday, March 4th 2011 @ 12:29 PM

Posted by Scipio Africanus:

You make accurate analysis about why Beta good guys are in the predicament they're in. I'll admit I only got about halfway through the post, but in what I did read, I didn't see you acknwoledge that these guys shouldn't necessarily be judged for any of this. The fact of the matter is that betas want what they want and women want what they want, but women possess the "prize", so their desires rule the day, so to speak, leaving 95% of betas on the outside looking in. Alphas and seducers are no morally superior to betas, they just have selected-for behaviors that allow them to flourish.
Friday, March 4th 2011 @ 12:26 PM

Posted by Retrenched:

"Trust me, if you see a guy who is good with Women, nine times out of ten he's stepped to a lot of them; and more often than not, he's been rejected by a lot of them, too."


Alphas get rejected, just as betas do. What makes alphas successful in the end is how they respond to that rejection.

When a beta gets rejected, he thinks there's something wrong with him.

When an alpha gets rejected, he thinks there's something wrong with THE GIRL. How could she be so dumb as to reject a great catch like him? Oh well.. on to the next one.

There is the difference between the two.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 11:51 PM

Posted by CSPB:


I don't buy the BS that you need to wait until you attain the status.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 10:13 PM

Posted by Athlone McGinnis:

CPSB: "Athlone, you are not a special snowflake. F you when you say "Even I am certain I’ll have abundant options when I get older.""

Athlone: Nah bro, go and F yourself. I'm not gonna sit here and get cussed out online for expressing my opinion.

Do you know why I say things like "I know I'll have options later"? It isn't because I think I'm a "special snowflake". Its because a)male attractiveness peaks later in life, especially for nerdy betas like myself b)the things that are holding me back now(lack of confidence, experience, etc) come WITH TIME. I am not going to become a mack over night. Even if I invest in making progress(as I've been doing), it will be years before I am able to completely kill the AFC and rewire my way of thinking(and get into a new environment). This type of thing does not happen "tomorrow" or the day after that. I won't fully reap the benefits of this planned self improvement for a while.

What I'm saying is not groundbreaking material out of left field.

CPSB: "Do you always make such excuses?"

Athlone: Where do I make excuses?
-I openly admit in this and other posts that I am not in good shape game-wise.
-I openly concede to Obsidian about 95% of the points he wrote up about, only taking issue on a couple related to the social issues within Black America.
-I openly concede that I need to make improvement and outline plans to do so, both in this and other comment threads.

Where have I made a statement tantamount to a complete justification of my behavior implying that I have no intent or responsibility to change?
Because that would be a legitimate "excuse" for my betatude.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 9:58 PM

Posted by Susan Walsh:

One reason why "bad boys" get the girls is a very simple one - they are the ones who show up. They hit on more girls than a little bit, and if nothing else, the law of averages begins to kick in and work in their favor. Trust me, if you see a guy who is good with Women, nine times out of ten he's stepped to a lot of them; and more often than not, he's been rejected by a lot of them, too.

This post would have been valuable for this nugget alone. First, as you know, women are not likely to storm the Comp Sci building - they generally are choosing from among those males who show up. Second, it is so true that players strike out - I believe this has also been well documented in PUA field reports. If a guy hits on 10 women in one night, and one gives him her number, that's arguably a success, right? Clearly, it's critically important to develop a thick skin around rejection. This is true for women as well.

the bad boys understand, either intuitively or through a learned process or both, how to see the world through a Woman's eyes, how to think the way a Woman does

Women like men who like women. A player who's looking to pump and dump will repel many women with his misogyny. The natural who has a good understanding of women, and knows how to appeal to female sensibilities, and enjoys the company of women will never lack for female company. As you say, congruency is key - this behavior, whether instinctive or learned, must be second nature.

Awesome post, Obs!
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 8:55 PM

Posted by CSPB:

Athlone, you are not a special snowflake. I don’t buy BS, even if it is shoveled into a cute bag and tied with a pretty ribbon.

I don't give a shit if you have it the same as the exceptional black men that I admire as a white guy. Life is similar for all but not the same. You got your issues which are different than men in the past. Not necessarily easier but not worse. Suck it up and get er done.

F you, when you say "Even I am certain I’ll have abundant options when I get older." Do you always make such excuses? You are so full of BS. None of the men Obsidian mentioned had the mentality that tomorrow was their day. Today MoFo and improve your ass for tomorrow! Cut the crap and excuses! Your attitude limits you is all areas of life, not just in dearth of pussy.

I don't give a shit if you have it the same. Life is similar. You got your issues which are different than men in the past. Not necessareily easier but not worse. Suck it up and get er done.

F you, when you say "Even I am certain I’ll have abundant options when I get older." Do you always make such excuses? You are so full of BS. None of the men Obsidian mentiond had the mentality that tomorrow was their day. Cut the crap and excuses!
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 8:49 PM

Posted by Athlone McGinnis:

(continued from above)
Secondly, where exactly did you get the basis for this claim here?
" Not a single one was ever accused of "trying to be White""

Really? Never? Seriously, how are you so sure? You've known them their entire lives?
I'm almost dead certain that during Obama’s campaign(including his run for the Democratic nomination) there were quite a few detractors who subscribed to the notion that he wasn’t “black enough”, with some using his white ancestry and carriage as justification. As of right now they are still claiming that his white house is “too white”. This is just off the top of my head. I don’t think that bird flies, dude.

Finally, where is your basis for your claim that these guys had “tight game” and that women loved them? I mean, to begin with, there is the issue I listed earlier regarding timeframe-what constituted “tight game” and high sexual market value for a man in 1900 differs from what constitutes those things today. And beyond that, where’s the evidence for the number of suitors even the more recent examples like Obama and Dyson had when they were younger?
Even I am certain I’ll have abundant options when I get older. Pathetic as my sex life is, even NOW I can attract women based on looks/athleticism. With age, of course, comes confidence, status, experience and money. The 30 year old me with all of those things will have no trouble. Add “good black man syndrome”(large lack of educated black men many older black women want) to the equation and it won’t even be a contest. I won’t be anywhere near the first nerdy guy to make this transition either. But how does your theory disprove the notion that, by and large, such guys are ignored before reaching full adulthood or hitting their career stride as I(among others) posit? Do you know for a fact that Obama and dyson had a ton of suitors before they gained any notoriety?
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 7:34 PM

Posted by Athlone McGinnis:

As one of these "nerds", I'll concede that most of this is right. I don't think I have all of the issues listed here (fortunately), but I'm not too proud to admit that I see plenty of truth within myself.

That being said, my concerns are as follows:

Obsidian: "Well, it explains why, even in Black America, those who are considered nerdy and the like, bitterly complain about being teased and worse, for "trying to be White"."

Athlone: You claim this isn't the case? If so, I have oceanfront property in Atlanta to sell you. Black American culture, as a whole, is probably more hostile to academia and its related pursuits than any other in this country.

There is not a culture here that marginalizes its "nerds" more. I'll stand by that claim and substantiate it more if you'd like, because I am dead certain of it. That “trying to be white“ problem is very real for some people. I’m not the only one.

You also admitted the enhanced marginalization of black nerds yourself in your previous regarding "Sistas and Swag/Thugs".

Obsidian: "Not a single one was ever accused of "trying to be White""

Athlone: This just isn't a good argument.
Firstly, this whole "acting white" problem is fairly recent. The issues we have with the nerd/thug dichotomy weren't present in 1905 the way they are today, so talking about men like DuBois or even King and Malcolm is pointless. Douglass is just right out. You're taking a fairly recent problem and extrapolating it to try and make your point.
To put it quite simply, the challenges that teenagers like myself face in dating today are not the same ones DuBois or Douglass faced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Even the 30+ year difference between us and guys like Dyson and Obama is significant. Black culture has undergone many very large changes in that time, changes that have had an effect on family structure, criminality, and of course, dating.

To ignore that is to guarantee an incomplete analysis.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 7:23 PM

Posted by Y:

Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 6:57 PM

Posted by Y:

Standing Ovation!

For a while now I have been drafting a post on why women dont go for nice guys and it included all of what you said. I dont even need to do the post anymore because you laid out everything, I mean EVERYTHING that turns women of to "nerdy" men.

It has nothing to do with them being "nice" or "smart" but the moralizing and entitlement mentality too many of them have.

Also, that bit about nice guys not being so nice? You took the words out of mouth. Many think that because they are robbing, shooting, and killing they are indeed nice and pleasant men to be around, not really. Sure living within the law is a good start but too many, like you said , have utter contempt for those who do not view the world as they do. Moreover, they love to snub their noses at people with different POV and proceed to write them off as stupid. If people see where they are coming from but still disagree its because they are low IQ, morons ect.

Excellent post,Obs. Bravo
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 6:52 PM

Posted by CSPB:


Download and listen to the free Podcast. This relates to the Game and the necessary rewiring of the brains of AFCs. Don't be a GWFAP. (GirlFriend With A Penis)
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 4:53 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Hi Stephanie,
Welcome aboard, and thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.

Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 3:28 PM

Posted by Stephenie Rowling:

Great article Obsidian. I agree with this most of my Jerk with lot of ladies around were very smart but they also understood women, I come from a Latin culture and men never had this "girls have cuties" stage which I think is when things start to go wrong for guys on USA, early socialization with women before the Testosterone hits I think it what makes the myth of the "Latin lover" so prevalent and I can tell you I don't know anyone no matter how poor, bad looking that doesn't know how to get women. Of course they abuse their power for cheating and mistreating so that is why Latin women throw themselves at gringo men, but is something learned from bad experiences no instinctive. Totally on point on your game theory, IMO.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 1:39 PM

Posted by Alte:

The thing is that nerdy girls grow up with nerdy guys (our male relatives), so that's what we're used to, and that's what we associate with "being male". So when we go looking for a mate we prefer nerdy guys, but remember that we grew up with nerdy guys that managed to reproduce. So we grew up with nerdy guys that had enough Game to hook up with an attractive woman, and get her to sleep with him and bear his children. So, that's what we're looking for. That's what paige was saying about a "diamond in the rough". We're weeding through all of the nerdy guys until we find the rare one with some Game, and then we're easily impressed. And then all of the other nerdy chicks are like, "Damn, she found one." LOL.

My husband is very, very nerdy. He was just home for lunch, and was all excited about the new compiler they're using at work. It was cute.

Just don't act like an antisocial chump, and we'll consider you a Super Stud. Being smart already gives you a major head start, so just don't screw it up. And... yeah... we can tell when nerdy guys are undercover jerks. Bitter betas are a total turnoff, and surprisingly common.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 1:30 PM

Posted by Escarondito:

I must say, *Clap Clap Bravo* these game posts or some of the most consistently inspiring things you have written since the viera debates. This stuff has brought me out of my winter funk and shake off the rigidity it gives me.

Editor: Thanks, Esca! Much appreciated. Don't be a stranger! O.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 1:22 PM

Posted by Alte:

True dat.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 @ 1:08 PM