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Friday, August 23rd 2013

4:59 PM

Quick Hit: Post Up

Good afternoon gentlemen, back again with this week's quick hit - which has to do with a very, very important topic:

The Art, and Importance, of Posting Up. 

Being out and about at a number of events this Summer, the one thing that I notice A LOT of guys do and do consistently, that also happens to consistently knock them out of the box with the Womenfolk, is following them around, playing them too close, and, there's just no other way to say it, coming off very much like a Creeper - and I don't mean just the proverbial "Spergy Guys", "Nerdy Guys", "Socially Awkward Guys", either - I mean a lot of normal, regular looking and in even in some cases, above average guys do a lot of this stuff, too. 

Listen - being able to meet and greet the ladies is a lot like being on the basketball court - you gotta know where the good spots are on the floor. Instead of chasing your Man (or in this case, your Woman) around on the court, why not instead simply post up and let the Game come to you? 

Women are very, very sensitive to shifts and changes in any given environment they find themselves in, especially if Men they don't know or know very well happen to also be in it. If ole girl spots you from say, thirty paces out, then turns around and notices you "tailing her" pretty much everywhere she goes in the venue and you haven't said anything yet, you can and WILL creep her the heck out. This is where the Three Second Rule comes into play, but, as we all know, a lot of guys are either too scared to get rejected, and/or too much of a bumbler to make an approach. Instead of de facto stalking the gal around the venue for the better part of the evening, you're much better off just going on ahead and making your pitch; the worst that can happen is that you get blown out the frame and you get to learn how to improve it for the next time around. 

But if you really want to step your Game up, you need to learn how to post up - learning where the most active spots are where the ladies are most likely to pass by and/or hangout, where you can just make small talk with them and whoever else happens to be there. I do this everytime I head out; I get to the venue, maybe do a once-around pass giving and getting dap from the homies and greeting the ladies I may know in attendance, and then I post up for the rest of the evening - and stay there. Minimal movement is key if you want to attract ladies, because it suggests a sense of calm and being in control of yourself and your immediate environment around you; guys who are always on the move, especially if they're erratic with it, really freak Women out. Learn how to measure your body movements AND your speech patterns, and you'll be just fine. 

As a general rule, being near or at the bar, or whatever is the center of the action of the venue, is a good start toward learning how to post up; having your Peacocking and working some Social Proof is always good as well, and can carry a Man far in this regard. In fact, I would say that these things are tremendously underrated in seduction discussions, where so much focus is put on approaching Women directly; personally, I prefer to let the action come to me, by letting my reputation and style precede me. When you're holding court, and it don't take a lot to do it, you look like you're a somebody, and that alone is enough to draw in the ladies. 

The next time you head out to a social gathering where both sexes will be present, just take some time out to observe the guys who tend to get the most focus, not just from Women, but from Men, too; more often than not, they're the guys who seem to be rooted in a particular spot, and tend to drew in the action and attention to them, rather than chasing it around the room or whatever. 

You want to learn how to be That Guy.

Got it?

Good - now adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
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