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Tuesday, July 30th 2013

9:27 AM

The Five Fingers Of Seduction

"It's Spring again!"
-Biz Markie

Good morning Panama, and welcome Brothas,
Please forgive me if I pass on the topic on the menu for today's discourse; I've never been much for sentiment, ruminating over people long dead, or stream-of-consciousness type stuff either. Rather, my personal take is that there is far too much work to be done, and life to live, than to be too caught up in the vaguaries of our existence. Besides, as Brand Nubian once so famously said, There Ain't No Mystery. 

So, with that said - and now that Spring has (un)officially arrived with the advent of May Day, and Cuffing Season has definitely ended - it's time to get your Game Face on, fellas. 

What's the Game Face, some of you may ask?

It's the kind of face you show the world when you step outside your front door, that says you're ready to meet the bountiful bevy of beautiful ladies that will be out and about in their frilly frocks, just chomping at the bit to be deflowered by the Right Guy. And you ARE that Right Guy -

Right? Yes? No? 

Take the guesswork out of the equation, fellas. We not only live in the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, but also one of Information, too - and like Brother Mouzone once so famously said, the most dangerous Man in America is a N*gga with a library card. Knowledge - especially when it comes to Art of Love and the SCIENCE of Seduction, truly is Power. 

Confidence is born of Competence; the two can mutually exist, but more often than not they feed on each other in a symbiotic existence. Knowing exactly what makes the psycos8xual mind of Woman tick, understanding the beating heart of her hindbrain-connected loins, and knowing the carefully choreographed Dance of Seduction from start to finish, step by step, is what separates the Men from the boys, us from the rest of the guys out there wishing upon a star and living in the shadows of quiet desperation. Unlike the rest of the pitiful, unwashed masses of Menfolk, we do not "collide" into life, or become hapless victims of happenstance; we know, with unerring precision and uncanny accuracy, how it all goes down. 

Woman is a mystery, no longer. 

Let's look at the five fundamental areas of Game that you should have unconscious competence in, shall we? They are as follows:

1. Negs

2. Social Proof

3. Qualification

4. Compliance

5. Body Language

There are other concepts and ideas to be discussed, but these are among the most basic ones that every Gamesman should have at the ready to deploy anytime and anywhere - for, as Obsidian Maxim #1 so eloquently states, anywhere and everywhere Male and Female come together, there too shall you find Game. 

How well is your understanding of the core, simple five above concepts of the Sweet Science of Seduction, Brothas? Can you show and prove your competence in these five areas? Can you explain them in plain, easy to understand language, to say, another Brotha on the street or at the barbershop? What's that? You've never heard of some of these things? For shame!-well then, what are you waiting for? Spring has arrived - Mating Season, is surely about to commence in earnest. Get your Game on track, not your wig pushed back, as the late great Biggie would say. 

I can and will say, right here, right now, and without fear of any contradiction, rebuke, scandal or retribution, that a Man - ANY Man - who has even moderate level competence in the above-mentioned five simple concepts of Game can and will go leaps and bounds beyond Men with none of the above-mentioned competence-area skills when it comes to the ladies in their particular mileu. Count on it. And if a Man has unconscious competence in all five - Game over, lights out, he's going away winning every single time. Like Colt 45. 

Today is May Day; if you begin now, by June 1, you will have at the least, moderate competence in the Five Fingers of Seduction as laid out above. Don't let the Haters knock you off the square - take me up on this 30 day challenge, and see the difference for yourself. I BS you not. 

Life is truly for the living, fellas. Let the dead bury the dead, and let God sort out the great questions of over-yonder - we have much bigger fish to fry. 

For Heaven, lay between a Woman's thick, juicy thighs, indeed. 

Now adjourn your arses...

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