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Friday, December 21st 2012

4:18 PM

Alt-Right Seeks To Scapegoat Black/Brown Men For Gun Deaths In USA - What Else Is New?

I must apologize to guest O-Files contributor Han Solo, for I promised him that I would be posting a very good field report of his today; but as you might imagine, the events of the past week has diverted my attention and focus, and given the sheer enormity of the whole thing, I'll be remaining on this issue for the next few days at least, as I have quite a bit to say that needs - that must - be said. 

So, with that said, we return to our friend(?) Chuck Ross of GLPiggy fame, who today, links to a piece written by prominent Alt-Right blogger Vox Day, "Why US gun deaths are high". Key quotes, folks:

"The second reason is also related to demographics.  The specific question that was asked was why the USA has a higher rate of gun homicides, 2.97 per 100,000 population than Canada, at only 0.51 per 100,000.  After all, the USA and Canada are very similar countries, are they not?  No, they are not.  Only 3.5 percent of the Canadian population is African and Latin American.  28.9 percent of the US population is African and Latin American.  Does this make a difference?  The chart below demonstrates that this demographic difference is not only significant, but conclusive...

There were even fewer guns per capita in the two Latin countries, 11.5 percent, and in the two African countries, 8.3 percent, than Canada's 30.8 percent, France's 31.2 percent, or Germany's 30.3 percent.  And yet, the gun deaths per capita in all four African and Latin countries were much higher than either Canada or the USA; on average, they were four times higher than the US rate despite there being far fewer guns, and guns per capita, in all of them.  Nor did I cherry-pick any outliers; most African nations don't even report these figures, and based on the news reports, countries such as Congo and Nigeria are even more murderously violent than South Africa and Zimbabwe.  In Latin America alone, there are six countries with higher per capita gun death rates than Brazil, which is six times higher than the USA...

If lower gun death rates are a goal, it is clear that reducing the amount of guns will not help, and may even make the matter considerably worse by disarming the law-abiding population and rendering it helpless against the lawless population.  The only way to significantly reduce the amount of gun deaths is to repatriate the immigrants who come from countries where people are disproportionately inclined to shoot other people dead.  Since most Americans presently appear to prefer higher violent crime rates to stopping immigration, much less reducing the percentage of the non-European/Asian/Arab population through deportation, logic dictates that if gun control proponents are successful in their attempts to reduce the guns per capita rate, the gun homicides per capita rate will rise in proportion to the percentage of the African/Latin population in the general population."

Got that? The reason why 26 WHITE Women and children died last week; the reason why dozens of largely WHITE people died earlier this year at a movie theatre in Colorado; and the reason why upwards of 100 WHITE teenagers met a bloodsoaked end in Olso, was all due to having too many guntoting Darkies in White Lands. 

Now, before anyone out there starts sending my hatemail, no one is more aware of gun violence on the streets of urban America more than me. Thus far, no one - not me, not anyone else in the media, not President Obama himself - has ever denied that urban gun violence isn't a problem, and a huge one at that. 

But isn't it just a weebit fascinating that the Alt-Right, when they can get up the gumption to address the clearly depraved monsters in their midst (read: White Males With Problems), just happen to do it in a manner that would be identified, rightly, as deeply intellectually dishonest and highly disengenuous in any other context? Of the more than 60 mass shootings over the past three decades, some 44 of them have been committed by White Males - and when you have ads like these marketed to said White Males (name me all the gangbangers who use Bushmasters as their go-to weapon of choice? I'll wait...), well, it all just makes one go, Hmm...

Clearly, White Men have a serious problem, and clearly, they simply refuse to address it, as I made clear to Chuckie earlier today via email:

"No, Chuck. No. We have a clear and present pattern presenting itself here, and you and your Alt-Right buddies flatout refuse to address it. You'll kindly recall my utter takedown of you, the now defunct Ferd, etc, re; the Anders Breivik issue; you'll also recall that I said, last month, that we could expect more Marginal White Males to chimpout in the face of a changing landscape in which they simply cannot keep up in. Lanza is the umpteenth White Guy who's shot up the place - some half a dozen this year alone - and unlike shootings in the 'hood, these guys takeout mass numbers of people with them when they go postal. So, we simply must ask - why are so many White Guys flipping out and shooting up the place? If you/them had an ounce of intellectual honesty about you, you actually would address such a question; but it is clear that none of you do not. You seek to scapegoat such a horrific series of events such as this week, and earlier this year, and attempt to shift the blame and conversation onto them dastardly Darkies, when everyone with one good eye knows that something is seriously wrong with you White Boys, and it's high time we addressed it head-on.Such a bitch move is the hallmark of a Coward. Shame on you, Chuck. Shame. 

Too bad you and your Alt-Right buds aren't Man enough to take the issue on. But fear not - I most definitely will.

Stay tuned..."

Do you want more? Here's that intrepid White Man Blogger, Vox Day, advising his fellow WND readers on how to respond to calls of reason with regard to getting Bushmasters out of the hands of depraved White Guys:

"Don’t give them an inch. Cut them no slack. Punch back twice as hard. When they bring the knife of emotional blackmail to the argument, draw your .50 caliber Desert Eagle of facts, logic and history and blow them away without mercy."

And they wonder why the Manosphere is regarded as a bunch of f*cking loons? 


A number of my readers, online and off, have asked me: Obsidian, why do you waste so much time and energy on people who clearly have a disengenuous agenda? This is a very good question, and here's my response:

Because history has shown us, again and again - that Evil - or in this case, downright Foolishness - can only exist, when Good Men, do nothing. By chin-checking these fools in the public square, I am letting them know that their days of just being able to say ridiculous crap with impunity are over. They sh*t all over our cherished freedoms in the name of "keepin' it real" - yea, like Chris Rock said, keepin' it real DUMB. These knuckleheads aren't the next George Washingtons or Patrick Henrys; shoot, they can barely get laid and make a life for themselves, let alone be the standard bearers of freedom or liberty. They are not fit to participate in reasoned and intellectually honest discussion of the issues of the day, and should be roundly shouted down until they sitdown and STFU. 

As an American citizen, I am doing my part to keep the public square a decent place to be for people who want to have rational discourse - and I ask all those of like mind reading this to join in my cause. The inmates have run the asylum long enough - it's way past due that sanity returned to the American stage. 

And I'm very pleased to see that the American People aren't taking this crap off of these crazies anymore.

More to follow - count on it.

Now adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
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