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Monday, November 19th 2012

5:43 PM

What Do Black Women and White Men Have In Common? Scapegoating Black Men For Their Problems

Chuck has up yet another piece that purportedly examines the "hipster racism" extant over at Jezebel, which in turn runs a piece from Ebony.com by an anonymous writer bemoaning her obesity woes as a result of "street harassment" on the part of Black Men that rises to Birth of a Nation proportions. I see Chuck's argument and once again I call phooey on that, for reasons that should have been made clear on my previous post on the subject. 

But since he's keen to go there once again, and since it's clear that there are at least some Sistas who also seem keen to keep foisting this canard onto the rest of us, what the heck, let's go unto the breach, one mo gin. 

First, please note that the original grievance piece at Ebony doesn't cite any data whatsoever to back up the assertions being made; indeed, please note that the bulk and mass of pieces "protesting" this street harassment nonsense doesn't either, and there's a very good reason for that:

Because they can't.

Once again: per the FBI crime data circa 2009, violent crimes of all kinds - including that against Women, like forcible rape, assualt and the like, has gone DOWN, over the previous two decades - a timeframe that, since Chuck wants to focus on the supposed racial aspect of all this, was the height of the Gangsta Rap era. That's right - Black Women on a whole, saw their quality of life in terms of not being victims of violent crime, drastically improve. By any measure, and in an alternate (read: SANE) universe, this would be, if not cause for celebration, at the least sober acknowledgment that major progress has been made. Of course, this cannot be done - one, because to do so would take the onus off the supposed "oppressors" and two, because it would then throw a huge light on the real problems and challenges Black Women face out there on the open dating/relating market. More on this below. 

But before we go any further, let's revisit the Ebony.com piece for just a moment - first, it's written anonymously by a Black Woman whom we cannot see with our own eyes (it is fair to assume that the photo that accompanies the article is a stock pic; recall the point I made in my previous post along these lines). In other words, we are merely to take what this lady says, literally sight unseen - right? Well, we've been down that road before, not just in terms of Black Men being railroaded historically along such "shield" lines, but more recently with even White Men coming this close to landing in the pokie - and we see how that turned out. No, thank you, I'll be much more inclined to buy the testimony of a witness who bears their face and uses their name, as opposed to lobbing their (baseless!) charges from behind the safe security of a shroud, where what they say can't be cross-examined for veracity and truthiness in the light of day. 

Second, the lady's assertion that her unmitigated weight gain was due to her being victimized by wolf whistlers is absurd. Why? Because if that's true, then it would also be true that just about everyone in the USA, Asians excepted, would also have be subject to the predations of cat-calling Brothas, since it is a very well known fact that obesity rates have been on the rise for just about every racial and ethnic group (again, Asians in the main being the major exception). The idea of a kind of "Precious Syndrome" is a very popular one in the Black community among its Women, and has risen to mythic Urban Legend status; but upon closer inspection, it's yet another case of scapegoating to assuage one's failures in life - in this case, one's sexual and romantic one. 

As so many studies and so many people who actually interact day to day in the Black community knows and knows well, the simple - and depressing - truth of the matter, is that the chief reason as to why so many Black Women are so grossly overweight has a lot less to do with cat calling, and a heck of a lot more to do with the simple fact that Black Women like to eat. A lot. Not only that,  but as numerous studies (like this one) clearly shows, Black Women, despite their expanding dress size, see absolutely no problem whatsoever with it, and in fact report seeing themselves as hotter than White Women by a factor of three. These plain-as-day facts clearly debunks Ebony's mystery lady's claims. 

The dirty little secret about Black Women, is that they sabotage themselves - which explains why, as a group, they are the least partnered Women in the country, with the highest out of wedlock birthrates, the lowest marital rates, and among the highest divorce rates. It explains why, in online dating survey and study after survey and study, they come in near or at dead-last in terms of responses to profiles and the like. It explains why, time and again, there's something like six Black Women for every Black Man at these "meet market" events - and it explains why all this obtains, even when controlling for education and income (driving a stake in the heart of the idea of a dearth of "eligible Black Men" - another LIE). The plain, cold, hard, bitter truth is, that Black Men have been and continue to vote with their feet - and there are clear and present reasons for that. The problem facing Black Women in today's SMP isn't a having to contend with an unwarranted horny horde of cat-calling Black Men; it's the brutal fact that more often than not, Black Men aren't bothering to show up at all - or if they do, they don't stick around for very long. This, more than anything else, is what is truly the single biggest problem facing Black Women as a whole - not booty-bandit Brothas. 

As for Chuck: look, I get completely where he's coming from - he wishes to point out the rather obvious hypocrisy he sees on the part of hipster/SWPL Feminists - like that which Jezebel, et al exemplify - their refusal to address what he considers to be clear and present racial differences when it comes sexual politics issues. It's Chuck's position that, because it seems apparent that it is Black and Hispanic Men who do the "street harassment thing" more than do White or Asian Men, this "fact" needs to be highlighted; and that the Jezebel feminists refuse to do this because of their being so punchdrunk on political correctness. 

I get all that, but here's the thing: even if Chuck is right, he still loses. Why? Well, for one thing, all the Jezebel crew needs to do is point out the fact that it wasn't Leroy or Juan who, from positions of power and influence and on a national stage, openly opined that a Woman's body could shutdown an "illegitimate rape", or powerfully assert, that if a Woman conceived a pregnancy as a result of being raped that it was "God's will" - that's what White Women will say, and you know something? They'd be 100% correct. 

Yea, yea, I know - Black (and to a lesser extent, Hispanic) Men commit/are convicted of crimes of sexual violence against Women at a much higher rate than are White/Asian Men - but here again, we have to be completely honest if we're going to go that route. For one thing, we know, for a fact, that it is not at all implausible for a Woman, of whatever color, to simply charge a Black Man of rape, only for authorities to discover, sometimes dozens of years later, that he really didn't do it; and for another, again I point to FBI crime data covering the years 1990-2009, forcible rapes have gone down for ALL groups, including Black and Hispanic. Put that together with the fact that it's darned hard to find a Black or Hispanic male analog to a Todd Akin or a Robert Murdoch, and, well, there you go Chuck. Simply put, what went down at the polls earlier this month was a clear reaction on the part of White Women to how a simple majority of White Men - particularly those who are in a position to actually do something, which Black and Hispanic Men on balance do not have - really think about White (and other) Women. So long as White Men still run things in this county and harbor such views, no, you won't find Jezebel or anyone else really all that concerned with the supposed street predations of Black and Hispanic Men. You can call it whatever you want - hypocrisy, vapid self-interest, etc, et al; all it will have proven is that White Guys still. Just. Don't. Get. It.

And the fact that you refuse to deal honestly with all this, even after I pleaded with you offlist to distance yourself from the crazies that routinely fill your comment threads, only gives the Jezebel crew and others more grist for the mill, not less. All they'll see is a bunch of angry, hateful White Guys who are sore losers, throwbacks to a benighted era - and the connection to what routinely takes place on Manosphere comment threads and what Akin and Murdoch said won't be at all difficult to make. A down-and-out Brotha or Latino cat calling is peanuts compared to a White Guy who more likely than not has power and influence, thinks its OK to rape a Woman. That's how they'll see it, Chuck, and you won't be able to do a damn thing about it, other than bleat on and on from your blog. You surely won't be able to beat them at the ballot box - Nov 6 certainly proved that. 

The real sad thing about both groups here - Black Women and White Men - is that they both scapegoat others for their failings when they don't even have to. Blaming Black Men for why your lives are so screwed up helps no one, least of all you in the end - and, little by little, other people are beginning to see this. For example, since Chuck is so concerned about what the Jezebel crew sees or doesn't see: you honestly don't think they aren't paying attention to all of the things I've cited about Black Women above? You think White UMC feminists aren't shaking their heads in disdain and disgust, at the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation (in case you haven't heard, they have a new duet record out)? You think those SWPL gals really buy into all the BS as to why Black Women have produced an image of being perpetually out of pocket (read: he/she/it made me do it)? Really?  

Similarly: does Chuck honestly think that people are going to buy the argument, that White Men as a group and since this country's founding, haven't had first dibs on everything worth having in the USA? Including up to the present day? Does Chuck think that everyone is continuing to buy the notion that the country's screwed up as a result of Black and Brown people? When White Guys run damn near everything; own damn near everything? Does Chuck honestly think anybody is gonna buy the line that White is the new Black? 


Because, if so, it will have proven what I said recently - that White Guys are not only politically inept, but they are also politically tone deaf. 

Scapegoating is the last refuge of those who are truly pathetic. In this, Black Women and White Men are not acquitting themselves well at all - and have a heck of a lot more in common than either may want to admit.

I'm just sayin'.

By the way and just for the record: in no way am I suggesting that "all" Black Women or White Men think or act along the lines I have addressed in this post; as the old saying goes, if it don't apply, let it fly.

Now adjourn your asses...

The Obsidian
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