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Wednesday, November 23rd 2011

8:00 PM

Some Real Rap For "Homespun Wisdom"

Since it's the Eve before Thanksgiving, I thought to enjoy a bit of target practice. As per usual, the Little Clever Silly didn't disappoint. In a Nov 21, 2011 post dripping with melodrama, "UPLIFTING THE RACE OR HAVING A FAMILY–WHAT’S A BLACK WOMAN TO DO?", you-know-who goes unto the "Black Men Ain't Sh*t" breach for the umpteenth time, with the following opening salvo:

"A common refrain from those who don’t think black women should pursue the opportunity to date non-black men is that in lieu of pursing “Mr. Charlie”—or some other racist epithet used to describe white men—black women should be attempting to ‘uplift the race’."

Stop right there - first, I see Ms. Thang's been reading along (See! Made ya look) and second, I see that The LCS' Hypocrisy is alive and well - it's perfectly OK to fetishize White Men by referring to them as "Rainbeaus", "Swirling" (the act of interracial dating, particularly the BW/WM combo) and my personal favorite, "Playing in the Snow" - nope, no racial epithets to see there, keep it moving along. If the young lass weren't pathetic enough the whole thing would be a heck of a knee-slapper.

But this notion that I, or anyone else who deigns to skewer the sacred cows of the BWE Cult Movement, demands that Black Women "should be attempting to ‘uplift the race’." is patently absurd on its face - for one thing, please note that the LCS hasn't linked ONE direct source or quote from ANY voice in opposition to the daily drivel she spouts at a nonstop clip on her blog. Not. One. That, along with the Kafkaesque "those/them/they" - who are never identified by name, mind you - really tells you all you need to know that Ms. Jamila's screed is yet another in the umpteen strawmen she tosses up to obscure the real reasons as to why her and her Wannabe Swirling Sistas' lives so thoroughly suck. (Keep reading; detailed listing to follow in this regard...)

Let's move on:

"The history of blacks in America(n) has shown, time and time again, that choosing to uplift the race at the expense of her own personal happiness and fulfillment is a losing proposition for black women—this has been particularly true of highly educated black women. Taking it upon themselves to uplift the race has been a failed strategy for black women, not because black women have not poured their hearts and souls into the mission and made tremendous sacrifices on behalf of attaining the mission, but because the good that black women have done has been swamped by the negative effects of bad public policy."

Oh yea, all that "good" has been just ruined by "bad public policy" - the same public policy that makes it possible for Black Women to do so very well in the first place. Moreover, I didn't know the true movers and shakers of advancement in Black America was being the Sistahood - shoot, DuBois, MLK, Malcolm, Phillip A. Randolph, Medgar Evers, they were just posers! 

You can't make this stuff up. 

Jamila's diatribe continues for at least another page or two, yada yada yada. Yawn. Since it's clear that she has no clue whatsoever as to why she's in the spot she's in, and since she is just convinced that the Great White Hope will swoop in anyday now, I thought to spread a bit of Holiday Cheer and help a Sista out. Here's the time-honored Wifey Aptitude Test - designed by yours truly of course - and how Ms. Thang scores on it. Before we get started, let me just briefly state that I came up with this idea many years ago after seeing a need to more systematically vet the ladies that came into my life; focusing in on a number of key criteria, such as Looks, Cookery, Financial Acumen, Deportment, overall Mental/Emotional State of Being, and crafting a simple Ten Point Rating System, with a bit trial and error I was able to determine, within an interview or two (yes, I approach the Woman in my life in the same way that I approach my livelihood - and so should YOU) of the Target whether she was or was not, Wifey Material. Let's see how Jamila holds up:

1. She can't cook: "I told her that I was still trying to learn how to cook simple meals. I like to put well-seasoned steak together with plain white rice.

“You don’t have a husband?!”

(Didn’t I tell you how old folks will get all in your business?)

“No, I don’t have a husband, but I’m hopeful I will one day. Right now I’m just learning how to cook for the day when I will have one.”

This here is a MAJOR violation - and a telling sign as to why she a Baby Mama to boot (which we'll be covering shortly - stay tuned...). One of the bedrock fundamentals for any Woman looking to be a Wifey is that she MUST be able to know her way around the kitchen. If your guy can outcook you, you're in serious doo-doo, make no mistake about it. One reason, among many, that the Sista Spinsters are, well, Sista Spinsters, is because of this alone. But if it means anything to you, there seems to be quite a few Ms. Anns who can't seem to boil a pot of water right either...

Deduct 1 point 

2. She's broke: "Technically I’m broke.

I had to file for bankruptcy in order to finish my bachelor’s degree. It all started in 2003 when I left the first college I attended owing them thousand of dollars that I hadn’t been able to receive a student loan to cover. Because Big State University didn’t get their money, Big State U wouldn’t give me an official transcript which I would need to attend college at another school.

After some years spent struggling to pay off the money to have my transcripts released I finally came to the conclusion that filing bankruptcy was my only answer. Once you file bankruptcy you receive protection from your creditors and, while your case is waiting to be discharged, universities have to release your transcripts no matter how much money you owe them. I saw an opportunity to work the system so that’s what I did."

Oh. My. God. You mean to tell me, that you not even 30 years old, AND you ain't graduated yet, after attending umpteen colleges, and you had to file for BANKRUPTCY - at a uni that no one outside of Illinois has even heard of? Are you kidding me? With a financial track record like that, how do you expect ANY Man, to be able to trust YOU with the household expenses? Messing around with you will leave a Man on the street. 

If a Man is the head of the household, his Woman is the CFO - so in order to be considered for the position, it is vital that a Wise Prince check her financials. She doesn't have to have A1 credit ratings - we all make mistakes - but the above is just downright ridiculous. 

Oh, by the way, I can't prove this, but something tells me that another reason as to why at least some guys, which includes both Whites and Brothas alike, are a bit reluctant to pull the trigger, is due to what you just saw in the above quotes. Nobody wants to take on a serious debt risk - especially when she can't even cook.

Deduct 1 point

3. She got a flat/no booty AND she Lookin' like a Dude: "I know black people are supposed to be able to dance and the women are known for voluptuous behinds, but I missed being handed either of those points of pride. God gave me brains though (O: Uh, NO, please don't put the Lord out there like that), which is better than a big ‘ol booty anyway (O: No, it's not). *sticks out tongue*" (O: Please put that back in your mouth; doing that is the reason why you're where you are in the first place...)

"I had just about all my hair cut off today..." (Obsidian just slowly shakes head)

Jamila, I want you to take a good look at this - now, compare and contrast. Ms. Rose can pull off a Big Chop and get away with it - the vast majority of Sistas, which includes YOU, can't. If you have to ask "why" you've just proven that the least of your problems are some secret cabal of Brothas tryin' to hold you and yours down. 

Another major reason as to why Sistas like you get Pumped and Dumped but not Wife'd Up, is because too many of you look (and act) HARD - you look and often act, LIKE MEN. No Man wants to get with a gal whose fade is sharper than theirs - Amber Rose's of the world notwithstanding, of course. With a self-admitted lack of a future behind you, AND a 1 1/2 cut that you rockin', a guy can't make you out at 20 paces - in short, it's a boner killer. The more Sistas look hard, the more they'll be left...alone. 

I get that you wanted to go Au Natural and in order to do that you had to lop off the Creamy Crack Locks, but you running around with a mini-fro ain't gonna get it. What you need to do, until your crown grows back out, is take to wrapping your head - Geles make a Sista look mighty fine, along with dresses. In fact, doing these two things alone will lift your overall point rating in the eyes of a guy who might be in the market for Wifey, be he White or Black. But keep it the way you got it right now, and I can promise you that you can and WILL continue to get what you've been getting - nothing. 

Definitely deduct 1 point 

4. She a Baby Mama: "I had intentions on applying for a Fulbright Scholarship. I considered applying to go to Mongolia, Botswana or Rwanda to teach. The idea of working with children in a developing country excites me. But I have a child to think about, and there are places on this earth that I don’t feel comfortable considering taking my daughter there until the infrastructure and health care system are greatly improved."

This is gonna hurt you much more than me, but somebody's gotta do it: having a kid (or three) can be a dealbreaker for many a guy - especially the Mr. Charlie types you drool over. Forget what you heard, there are real reasons why many guys break camp at the mere mention of you having a kid in tow - but not for the reasons you might. Be quiet, listen and learn.

Being a Baby Mama basically means, that you wasn't able to get a Man to put a ring on it - that he didn't see you as valuable enough. Just to have fun with. To be brutally frank, given what we know about you thus far, it's hard to see how any guy would make such a monumental move. 

This is going to sound seriously counterintuitive, but you would have better chances to land Mr. Right if you had actually been married - why? Because of what I just noted above - because you would have proven that you worth putting a ring on it. The sad, brutal fact of the matter is, that Baby Mamas are thee hardest commodities to move on the LTR-to-Marriage Market, because merely being one is a proxy for you having low Wifey Value - which, by all accounts and your own hand, I might add, is you in  the proverbial spades. 

It is, what it is. Sorry kid.

Deduct 1 point

Already at this juncture, we can see that Jamila's down four points, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet(!). By the way, in my point-rating system, if a candidate goes at or below a "5" on the scale, she's basically toast - I mean, think about it - how many winning teams have done it with an at or barely .500 record?

I could go on, such as Deportment and Emotional/Mental State, but I don't want to embarrass you anymore than I already have - seriously though sis, let me just ask you something:

Given the FACTS as I have laid them out above, what do you have to offer a Man - in your case, a White one - in a LTR/Marriage? I mean, really? You talk constantly about marriage this and marriage that, but on the most basic measures, you not only are lacking, you're coming up woefully short. What is the upshot for a Man in being with you, for the longhaul? 

*For those reading along at home, you might have noticed the conspicuous absence of the word "Sex" throughout this post. That is not by accident - Men don't select for Wifey based on what goes down in the bedroom (or elsewhere). Women think we do, but we know better - which explains yet again, why so many Sistas are alone. You see, far too many of them think that if they're "sexy", they can just put it on a guy and viola!-relationship. NOT. In fact, if you're not careful, you'll mess around and slot yourself into Jumpoff Territory, which is the feminine equivalent of the Friend Zone. Not even the skankiest of Ho's - and I'm not saying Jamila is one so please don't misquote me - wants to be pumped and dumped. 

Jamila, if you have one scintilla of commonsense and reason within you, you would be wise to heed these words, because I know you read what I write. What I am telling you every Man you know and don't know will corroborate, and most likely would go double for Mr. Charlie. If you're really serious about getting Wife'd Up, you would be about doing all you can to actually up your game, heh heh. Writing longwinded tracts about how Brothas are keeping Wannabe Swirling Sistas Down will NOT help you fix your problems. As per usual, those things that are most within a Sista's control to make a difference in and about, she eschews, in favor of talking loud and saying absolutely nothing. 

Bang, there it is. 

My job is done here. Have a Happy (Swanson's Dinner) Turkey Day!

Now adjourn your asses...

The Obsidian
18 comment(s).

Posted by B.Larsen:

This is fun and all, but how about a post on game?
Wednesday, November 23rd 2011 @ 9:05 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Sure, no problem! You know what, since you brought it up, you get to decide the topic:

What specifically, should I write about?

Wednesday, November 23rd 2011 @ 9:07 PM

Posted by Dorsey:

"Taking it upon themselves to uplift the race has been a failed strategy for black women,"

-Not least of which that the Fedreal government and state doesn't offer free money and aid to do so.,

"not because black women have not poured their hearts and souls into the mission and made tremendous sacrifices on behalf of attaining the mission,"

-when black women attacked the Civil Rights Movement, father-led households and black men. Which is the real reason why there was no protestation when these same fathers were barred from them,

"but because the good that black women have done has been swamped by the negative effects of bad public policy."

-Public policy they both 1. endorsed and 2. benefitted from via gender bias and nuclear family and male hatred.

Most black females "Leaders" are the most evil anti-family, anti-male females on the planet. No other nuclear family has suffered such willful "strictly ideological" self-destruction all in the name of Marx, Engels and Lenin. You see it on every level and black women know it. They FUCKED the Black community and male children for expensive, preferential crumbs.

1.She Can't Cook: They abandoned it for fast food, no husbands, obese children that the First Lady has to now "feed". NICE JOB taking the children away from black males and giving them to the state dumbasses. You realize your the next to be eliminated from the "New" Family?!?...baby momma...

2. She's broke: Best part about the high numbers of black women going to college? Is the "Education Bubble". Serve's them, right with their arrogant, braggard asses.

3.She got a flat/no booty AND she Lookin' like a Dude:

4.She a Baby Mama: Bitches don't get married, don't stay married/high divorce, have very few kids as they love abortion and have put their "stock" in gov't largesse as opposed to nuclear families, successful tradition and babies to cover their retirement and legacy. Well you get what you beg for. Lack of utility for a long
Thursday, November 24th 2011 @ 2:08 PM

Posted by True Forced Loneliness:

Brah, heard of the TFL branch of the MRM? What would you tell this guy?
Thursday, November 24th 2011 @ 6:53 PM

Posted by doclove:

As a man who might be considered "Mr. Charlie" because I'm a White man, I will try to add and not detract what you have written. When it comes to women with children I'm very old school in how I view them. Other Mr. Charlie's may have a new school view, but I admonish them to adopt my old school view, and you may see why below.

If the woman is a widow with the child it's minus one point much as it pains me to say this. I feel sorry for the widow because unless she is the one who killed her husband, it isn't her fault she found herself alone and with a child. The problem is the child is not truly yours when you marry her even though you may have thoroughly bonded with the child and he or she prefers you, the adult male fatherly person, to his biological mother. Anyone with enough observaton and wisdom may even be right to say that the child would be better off with the non-biological father than the biological mother, but it doesn't matter in today's world with the rarest of exceptions. It's difficult enough to maintain a relationship with your biological children or at least children percieved as your biological children even though in reality they aren't, when the woman can walk away with the children and usually get the courts and ploce to do much of or all of her bidding be it justified or not through VAWA, Violence Against Women Act, which essentially holds you guilty until proven innocent.

With the exception of never having to deal with the live biological father, you could apply everything I said above to divorced mothers and baby mommas. Remember all other things being equal or the same, I like many men rank widowed mothers higher than divorced mothers and baby mommas, and I would minus 2 points for divorced mothers and baby mommas. I'll explain why in a later post.
Friday, November 25th 2011 @ 2:08 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Hey Man, thanks for stopping by - and for being a good sport wrt the "Mr. Charlie" thing.

I think what you said above is highly legitimate for you, and as I said in response to Bag Lady Desi (Hi!), I don't feel that it is my place to attempt to tell Men how to live their lives. Your requirements are your requirements and I see nothing in the least wrong with them.

Looking forward to "part two" of your post...

Friday, November 25th 2011 @ 4:45 PM

Posted by B.Larsen:

I guess I should have come with a solution instead of just complaining :)

Lemme get back to you.
Saturday, November 26th 2011 @ 10:55 PM

Posted by doclove:

I'm late in following up, but I'm sure this will explain a lot. Thankyou to you, Obsidian, for declaring my points valid. I'll finish what I stated about widowed mothers. The problem with raising a widowed mother's child is it cuts down on the resources you have be that money or time or something else; and, the same could be said for divorced mothers and baby mommas. Any man who marries a widowed mother and takes on the responsibility of being a father of a half orphaned child not his is doing God's work in my opinion. I may be able to do this, but I consider it 99%improbable. I'm Christian and Catholic, but I've heard Mohammed, the man responsible for giving the Koran and founding Islam in Arabia took on widowed women and their children. Especially at that time, it was kind of him to do so as widowed women and half orphaned children without fathers would have had difficulty surviving without a man to provide and protect in a state which is closer to nature than what we live in which is artificiality propped up by the government in the USA. Remember, I'm an Army veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and so I've seen what most Americans haven't which is man living in a more natural state. Afghanistan is more primitive and having man living in a natural state than even Iraq. When the wealth is gone largely but not exclusively to to misandry, the USA will have a horrific wake up call. We may be lucky to do as well as Iraq or better, and in my opinion with the current course we Americans won't have it as good as the Afghans have for as aweful as the Afghans have it for a whole legion of reasons one of which I've named.

Divorced women especially if they have children are bad news for all of the reasons I've named above plus a few more. Most of these women either married a badboy cad player or assinine type who made their ginas tingle, or they married an alpha who became betaized, or they married a beta chump whom they could take advantage of whether they were cognizan
Tuesday, November 29th 2011 @ 6:28 PM

Posted by doclove:

Divorced Women especially if they have children are bad news for all the reasons I've named above plus a few more. Most of these women either married an Alpha badboy cad player assinine type who made their ginas tingle, or they married an Alpha who became betaized in marriage, or they marrieda beta whom they could take advantage of whether they were cognizant of what they were going to do before the marriage or after the wedding ceremony. They will blame the abuser men, but rarely themselves for getting themselves into a relationship with an abuser. Who chose the badboy assinine cad player type? Women did, and we see it ALL THE TIME. Not all women, but many do. They pass up good and nice men because it doesn't tingle their ginas. After too much abuse, the women end it, but never admit to themselves that they are responsible for getting themselves in the mess in the first place.

Marriage has a very strong tendency to betaize men. I'm not saying it will happen or that a certain amount of betaization in marriage is bad, but it is what it is. The truth is it's very difficult for any man to defend himself with VAWA and misandric culture being single and living on his own. It's more difficult when he's living with her or married. It's more difficult still to be dominant in the relationship for the men because of idiotic liberal progressive feminist laws and enforcement backed by the moronic neo-conservative chivalrous religious folks. A man signing up for marriage is signing up for indentured servatude(virtual slavery) in today's USA and other First World nations. Any time a woman wants to flip the script, she can. Please don't say my woman will never do that to me because I know what I'm doing. The law and the enforcement of the law is still against you whether or not she decides to use it against you or not. Why would any man would want to enslave himself more is beyond me.

I'll continue further down.
Tuesday, November 29th 2011 @ 6:44 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

I'm all ears...this just might turn into a blogpost in its own right the way you've been going at it, LOL. But seriously though, this is some good, provocative stuff. By all means, continue...

Wednesday, November 30th 2011 @ 6:21 PM

Posted by doclove:

I really meant for this to be shorter, but so much needs to be said. This is really a roughdraft, but feel free to use all of what I have written and am about to write on my posts concerning this article you wrote. I realize this is starting to sound like The Spearhead blog especially from the commentators on the articles there, but much truth can be found there even if one gets the sense that there might be too much whining there. Some of those men need to vent somewhere even though few care when men complain especially if they complain about women. Some of it is genetic and some is cultural as to why people don't listen to men who complain unless the threat of violence is used. Like President Kennedy said, if you will not allow peaceful revolution to be possible, violent revolution is inevitable. I really don't want violence, but I'm afraid we'll eventually end up there.

A woman will become angry if a man becomes too betaized or remains too alpha especially if he is abusive or cheats within the marriage. As I've said before, it's become more difficult for a man to remain Alpha when the the laws and enforcement can destroy him at any moment just because she called the boys in blue otherwise known as the police. God help the man if he reaches the courts because it often gets worse.

Then there are the women who marry the beta men rationally thinking he is a better choice for marriage. In many ways he is, but if he fails to tingle her gina, she can cut him out of her life and make him pay with assett losses, child support and alimony. Quite often she'll rationalize it as something else other than failure to tingle the gina whether he was a beta before she married him or turned into one when he was once an alpha after she married him. God help him if he turns into an omega too.

Game or lack of Game from the man is part of the reason men and women divorce. I'm not saying that there aren't other reasons for divorce because there certainly are. I'm not even sa
Thursday, December 1st 2011 @ 12:57 AM

Posted by doclove:

Where does all this lead concerning marrying divorced women with children? They are a bad bet because if the husband filed for divorce, one has to wonder what she did that he considered so horrific that he decided to leave her. In this day and age, divorce has been made to harm men emotionally, legally and financially in the overwhelming majority of cases. Virtually all men know this in first world nations especially in the USA. It is likely, 70%, that she filed for divorce. She usually "burns" herself in a divorce, but she "burns" tha husband and children more. She'll complain about him, the previous husband, but rarely recognize much less fix her faults within her personality which led to the dissolution of the marriage. Anyone who's been divorced previously finds each successive divorce easier to go through generally speaking. This is especially true if she filed first. In that respect it is similar to killing other human beings. The first is the most difficult, but it gets easier with each one. Most people don't learn from their mistakes either so much of the divorce statistics are repeat offenders such as Elizabeth Taylor. So as you can see in some respects, divorced women are worse than baby mommas. Baby Mommas were not the victims of "marriage murder" divorce nor were they the perpetraitors. It's bad enough when adults get burned in divorce but at least they volunteered for the marriage prior to the divorce, but the children never volunteered in any way to have their lives thrown into turmoil.
Thursday, December 1st 2011 @ 1:30 AM

Posted by doclove:

As you can see it's even more wrong when children get "burned" from divorce than when adults do. When a man marries a divorced woman, he is at an increased risk of getting a divorce from her. There are statistics which I don't have at the moment to back this up. Remember women have all the options to choose to get married or not just like men. They also have the right to pick who they marry without outside interferrence such as parents just like men do. Women also have been given more authority by the government than men to say shape up or ship out within marriage. The man is more likely to be punished by divorce than the woman.

Let's move on to Baby Mommas. You're still devoting your time and money as a man to raise someone elses offspring who is not yours. Usually the biological father is still alive unlike widowed mothers. What makes baby mommas worse than divorced mothers is with all the contraceptives available, they still got pregnant. Most of them were either negligent or more likely willfully got pregnant. It usually wasn't an accident like the contraceptives didn't work. Men have only one contraceptive, the condom. Women have more than that. Women can also get an abortion. I'm opposed to it on moral grounds as I consider abortion to be murder, but I aknowledge its an option for women that men have no say over one way or the other. My opinion is the accidental pregnancy rate and bastardy rate should be 5% or less not the American 40% bastardy rate we see now. It shouldn't be the Asian 14%, White 28%, Hispanic and American Indian 50% and Black 70% we see in the USA too. Having a bastard child is often an indicator of a careless woman or an unstable woman. Frankly speaking, I'd say this is more likely to be the case than she being unlucky. How good of marriage prospects are careless(reckless) or unstable women? My answer is not very good ones.
Thursday, December 1st 2011 @ 2:05 AM

Posted by doclove:

In our time in first world nations especially the USA, women have the right to choose and so do men. It is hardly socially unacceptable to not get married or not have children anymore. Even for those who choose to chastise you for not doing so can easily be rebuffed. Remember one thing: Feminism and misandry have made men the prize to get for commitment, marriage and children. Since women have in fact of how things really work greater social and legal status than men, it is primarily women's fault if their marriages don't work out. Most will say men are equal to women or superior to women in marriage, but don't believe their lies. They are usually decieving themselves too. Any married woman can threaten a man to straiten out or deal with divorce hell. A smart sane man knows you don't even want to be threatened with it. Any one with sense could tell you women that raising children with a partner is difficult enough. Having a male husband is usually the best way to do this. You chose to send your children's lives in a downward spiral when you decided to become a divorced mother or baby momma. Now their are good reasons to send men away, but this must be a measure of last resort. You should also ask yourselves how you got there and how are you truly going to compensate for a less than ideal situation for your child. You ladies need to ask yourselves why any man would want to marry you even if you were single? There's nothing in it for men anymore because they are not legally or socially protected and neither are the children which is worse.

A Single woman with no children is rated highest. A divorced mother with children is next much as it pains me to say it. A divorced mother or baby momma are at the bottom. These days most divorced mothers aren't much better and some of them are worse than babymommas.

Most women may mean well when they marry you men. It doesn't always work out. The Divorce rate in the USA is 45% and would be higher but declining marriage rate
Tuesday, December 6th 2011 @ 7:41 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

Most women mean well when they marry men. It doesn't always work out. The divorce rate in the USA is 45% and would be higher but declining marriage rates and shacking up have reduced from 50%, and it would be at 50% or higher if not for this. Women can be soulless sociopaths to men they are no longer in love with and often if not usually are. Actually they almost always become more difficult to deal with to one degree or another when no longer in love with the men. I'm done posting for now on why I share similar views to Obsidian, and have explained my reasons. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to say so.
Tuesday, December 6th 2011 @ 7:46 PM

Posted by doclove:

The above Anonymous post is mine, doclove.
Tuesday, December 6th 2011 @ 7:48 PM

Posted by Slimmy T:

So what are numbers 6-10 on the "Wifey Aptitude Test" or are they simply for another post?
Tuesday, December 20th 2011 @ 2:46 PM

Posted by Zenaida:

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Thursday, May 15th 2014 @ 7:33 AM