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Thursday, July 21st 2011

1:42 PM

The Importance Of Honoring The Cock

"Happiness for a Man is between a Woman's thick thighs."

- Obsidian Maxim #3

Good Morning Champ, Everyone,

OK, time is short, so let's get right to it:

After reading your newest/latest, I must say that I cannot relate in any way whatsoever to your "White Lie" scenario; this is because I cultivated a habit of only being with Women who elicited the utmost in amorous response from me. I cannot even think of the last time I "rubbed one out" - I suppose somewhere back in highschool? 

The problem here, from where I sit, is that any Man who finds himself in such a situation, is in need of some serious intervention - they have settled for getting mediocre sex on a semi-regular basis from a willing Female. 

All the Brothas reading this know well what I am talking about, though far too many are loathe to admit it - but Evolution bears this out: 

Most Men do NOT get laid. 

Now, let me explain exactly what I mean by that statement - what I mean is that you are having the hottest sex possible, achieving erections that reach Adamantium-level hardness, and busting nuts that make Peter North say "Respect" - on your Woman's willing face. Yes, that's right - your lady WANTS you to do that - she cant wait for it to happen; she coaxes that Life-Giving Elixir from you. And, she's SMOKIN' hot, too - I mean the kind of hot that when you're out and about, other fellas either drool or salute when they see the two of you. 

Thus is the life of the Alpha Male - he is able to enjoy frequent mind-blowing, nutsac-draining sex, at his discretion, with the Woman or Women, OF HIS CHOICE. 

If YOU are a Brotha who can say, without fear of contradiction or rebuke, that you are currently doing this, then you get O-Daps from the O-Man, for you are among the rarified few. 

Otherwise, you are a variation of an AFC, settling for what you can get, hoping and praying that you'll get lucky, and rubbing one out in the other room when you should be blowing your Woman's back out, but you really can't, for the reasons noted above. 

Simple. As. That. 

Science has discovered the fact that the Male can and will achieve much harder erections and produce a much higher volume of ejaculate when given the chance to copulate with a highly desirable Female, than when doing so with an otherwise average or "so-so" one, and again, I am sure the Brothas in the Round will attest to this (those who have enough sexual experience, I might add) - the experience, one to the other, is like trying to compare day unto night. 

Game, gives a Man options - SEXUAL OPTIONS - to bed the Women he really, truly wants; the ones who really get hs Mojo workin'. In fact, a venerable Gamesman who has tasted the goods of such Hot Women will easily forego the chance to get with Women of a lesser grade, because the resulting nutbusting will prove less than satisfactory. Game teaches a Man to go for the Gold. 

And rightly so.

Second point: A Gamesman NEVER need lie about his needs, because he has Game, and the AFCs do not, and it is utterly, brutally, painfully clear which of the two types of Men the ladies prefer. In fact, the MORE upfront you are about who and what you are, the MORE the ladies will love you for it. It's true. Telling lies is the preserve of those who are Gameless. It comes from a "lack" or "scarcity" mentality; it is motivated by fear. Fear and Game cannot occupy the same place at the same time, chief. Science has proven this. 

Third: If you are a Man who is married or otherwise engaged in an LTR (Longterm Relationship), YOU NEED GAME MORE THAN THE SINGLE GUYS. For more on this point, please refer to Mr. Athol Kay, or Keoni Galt the Hawaiian, two authorities on LTR Game. Some of the most sexually parched and frustrated and backed up Men on God's Green Earth or those who are married or "booed up"; "sexless marriages" are a very real thing in our time. This is because these Men have either forgotten, or never really learned in the first place, the Art of Love and the SCIENCE of Seduction, and it shows - in the deep-blue color of their balls. 

Finally: Having just read your latest piece for GMP, let me say this - the worst kind of Nerd there is, is a Black one. This is because unlike White or Asian Nerds, Black Nerds really don't have the kinds of Women who appreicate their quirky and otherwise "weird" ways and interests. Sistas, in aggregate, have a much higher interest in and attunement for, social savvy, style and flair, adroitness, and SOCIAL DOMINANCE. 

In other words, Sistas tend to respond more to studied charisma - what is referred to as Game in our time - than other races/ethnic groups of Women, again, in aggregate - and this is especially true when it comes to the whole "Nerd" question. Simply put, Sistas don't truck much with Black Nerds, which explains why so many of the latter eventually partner with White Women and the occasional one will partner with an Asian gal, because again, like I said, these Women give a nerdy guy more "social leeway" than most Sistas would. Please do not pay attention to the chorus of Sistas in this forum who are sure to swear up and down that what I just said don't apply to them, because one of the first things you learn in Game Studies is to look at what Women in aggregate actually DO, NOT what they say. Women, because they can secure sex pretty much at any point before they hit The Wall, can afford to entertain such fanciful notions of how the real world works, especially in terms of the modern day SMP; Men on the other hand, cannot. Either your balls are getting drained on the regular in the manner I have just laidout (pardon the pun) - OR - they're perpetually backed up, relieved once every sighting of Haley's Comet. 

I've said it yesterday, and it bears repeating today: it is a Fool's Errand to attempt to rewire the way Women have been molded over tens of thousands of years. Learn Game, and get a life. 

And I also might recommend therapy for all the anxieties you seem to exhibit. 

My job is done here.

Suggested further reading: Are You Getting Laid?

Now adjourn your asses...

The Obsidian
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