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Tuesday, May 31st 2011

6:05 AM

Makashi Game: Silver Tongued Seducers

"The Ultimate in refinement, accuracy, precision and timing, Makashi Game in the hands of a skilled seducer is lethal. The ladies don't stand a chance".

- Obsidian

As some of you might have guessed, my writings on what I consider to be the Seven Forms of Seduction have not been in chronological order, and have appeared here at the O-Files periodically; there is a reason for this. 

It is because I write when I am so moved by inspiration to do so, relying on outer events and inner insights to happen to me first, so that I may sit down to share these things with you all, instead of approaching things in a more rote, cookie cutter fashion. The end result is, I hope, a much richer, "purer" form of writings along these lines, that share my philosophical views on Game and how it can be deployed, using the Jedi combat models. After having reviewed all my previous writings on the topic, I have to say that I for one am quite pleased, and hope that you are, too. 

So it is with all that said, that I now continue with our series, for I was recently inspired by a number of events - among them, studying the Great Seducer Giacomo Casanova's memoirs, as well as having two conversations - one with a young Woman, the other with a young Man - which really brought everything together for me today. Therefore, today, I shall focus on what I refer to as Makashi Game - The Way of the Silver Tongued Seducer. 

Here's what I had to say in my previous brief overview of the form; afterward, we'll examine more closely, how this form works:

"Makashi is a bit more obscure, owing to the fact that, at the time when the Star Wars films are made, very few Jedi encounter another Force user in combat. Makashi was designed with *dueling* in mind, and relies on elegant, subtle, yet quick and precise, almost balletic moves. It is most effective in one-on-one situations, though a verified Master of the form can take on two highly trained Force users and defeat them both (as Count Dooku did to Obiwan and his apprentice Anakin in Attack Of The Clones). In Gamespeak, this style is best in terms of Direct Game, yet elegant, swift, with a rapier wit (Negs in this form are ultra smooth, subtle and highly, highly effective), perfect timing and a flair for fashion, elegance and style, perhaps just a bit over the top or having a flair for the dramatic."

Gamesmen who utilize this form of seduction will be marking themselves out as Men of great style and grace, emphasizing accuracy, timing and precision, rather than relying on more flashier and over the top displays, or more step-by-step plodding by rote, or sheer brutforce plowing through a Target's "Bitch Shield". It is a rare and in many ways, a lost form, in large part because so few Men in general are verbally facile nowadays, which this style, perhaps above all others, relies upon the most. 

Makashi Game users are born with the serious Gift of Gab - these are guys who could talk the panties off a Nun by discussing the Catechism with so much flair and eloquence she'll gladly forsake her sacred oath. This alone puts them apart from even other serious seducers - but there's something extra that sets the Makashi Gamesman apart from the rest: their focus on Letters. Not only are these Men verbal acrobats, they are also highly learned in the Classics - poetry, literature, history, the arts - and are able to draw upon these in their seductions. These guys are SMOOTH, with a capital "S", their operations effortlessly flowing from move to move, phase to phase; they escalate easily, they qualify flawlessly, their Negs seamless and pinpoint accurate. They excel particularly in flourishes of banter with witty Targets - Women who have a bit on the ball and know it - and who secretly long for a Man to come along that matches what she's read about in all those English Lit classes. While almost all the other seduction styles or forms are Direct Game oriented, it is this form or style, above all other, that is its epitome; Direct Game to the Max. Therefore, it works best in situations where the Gamesman and his Target are already "isolated" in some way - settings like cafes, checkouts in stores and eateries and the like, allow for a more direct one-on-one exchange, rather other social arrangements where the Target is amongst her friends and other tactics and stlyes are called for. However, as I've noted above, and to be sure, a verified Master of Makashi Game can successfully engage a Target's entire entourage - especially if they all happen to really be into literature and the like as herself. But ideally, this is perhaps the best style suited for one on one engagements. 

Refinement is a Makashi Game user's watchword - these are the guys who have style like nobody's business, and most Dandies usually tend to be Makashi types. Coarseness of any kind is a turnoff, not just to the kind of Women who go for such guys, but to the guys themselves. And the way they move, walk, gesture, all has a kind of balletic grace about them. Sidney Poitier is an excellent example of Makashi Game, as was Cary Grant - those who would master the Makashi Game form would do well to study these Mens' movies to get a sense of what Makashi Game is all about. And Casanova? You can best believe that he too was a Makashi Game Master; indeed, he even says as much: “without speech, the pleasure of love is diminished by at least two-thirds”. 

Because of the degree of focus Makashi Gamesman put on these things: accuracy, timing, precision, refinement - these are among the most funniest Men you'll ever meet. Timing, after all, is an essential element of comedy, especially when it comes to stand-up, and the Makashi Gamesman can keep his Target or indeed her group of friends, in stitches all night. Their style of comedy is as refined as they are - relaxed, sharp and witty, as opposed to more "broadsword" styles of laughs particularly common today, what with its obsessive focus on coarse language and the like. 

And, Makashi Gamesmen are perhaps the best Neggers of all time, again, due again to their impeccable sense of timing. They are masters of being able to calibrate their Negs and when to deply them for maximum effect, particularly what some refer to as the "Sniper Neg" or "Sleeper Neg" - a neg that's delivered in such an offhanded way, that the Target actually has to "rewind the tape" so to speak, in a "did he just insult me?!?!" kind of way, being a delicious mixture of "ticked off" and "turned on" at the same time; after all, Gamesmen know well, that it is essential to take your Target through all the highs and lows of her emotions in order to assure her (sexual) attraction. Those flurries of banter between a Makashi Gamesman and a Target serves much the same purpose, while at the same time, also serving as a "testing for congruence" in the mind of the Target, assuring her that he's the real deal. Makashi Gamers are improvisational and fluid like their Niman Gamesmen brethren, but unlike the latter, Makashi types are much, much more studied, primarily in the Letters, which translates into them have much more purpose and focus. It is for this reason that they are not only highly improvisational, but also can draw on all of the aforementioned facets of this form to make it so they are rarely speechless, or caught off-guard. For all intents, it's virtually impossible to play a game of "Gotcha!" with a Makashi expert. "Cocky funny" finds a comfortable home in Makashi Game, easily being tailored to suit the particularlities of this form, which is a bit understated, relaxed and levelheaded, and confident. 

Styles makes Fights and Game, I often say - and one's style in both have a great deal to do with who they're facing on the other side. A big part of combat and seduction, is in not only knowing yourself, but also knowing said other side - be it the enemy out on the battlefield, or the Target of your desires out there on the SMP. Target selection is vitally important in order for you to be successful, no matter what form of seduction you settle on, and Makashi Game is no different. 

Therefore, it is important for users of this style to select Targets that are either alone, or can be isolated rather quickly; Targets who have a high appreciation for learning, particularly the Arts & Letters; and in gatherings and locales that brings these two elements together - again, such as cafes, certain university and "artsy" settings and the like. You will instantly "stand out" (a variation on the Peacocking theme) by your refinement, grace, wittiness and elegance, from all the other Lame Dudes who think that Voltaire is a brand of tires and that Machiavelli was Tupac's alter-ego. 

Happy hunting - and don't forget the Field Reports!

Now adjourn your asses...

The Obsidian
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Sunday, August 11th 2013 @ 6:32 PM

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Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 @ 7:06 AM

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Hey great stuff nice info your passing on
Wednesday, September 19th 2012 @ 4:19 AM

Posted by Obsidian:

OK, so I just got finished reading the link you posted. It's garbage, please don't do that again? LOL. I do plan to address this socalled "BWE" nonsense, and as soon as I get a bit of time, I will. It's time someone told these "Sistas" about themselves...

Wednesday, June 1st 2011 @ 6:51 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Not at all; why do you ask?

Wednesday, June 1st 2011 @ 6:01 PM


OT but WOW! Has anyone seen this?!

What says you? Are we Black men THAT dumb that sistas have to step to other men just to have a coherent convo?
Wednesday, June 1st 2011 @ 3:45 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Will do! You know how to get at me: theobsidianfiles@hotmail.com!

Wednesday, June 1st 2011 @ 6:50 AM

Posted by Blues:

"Happy hunting - and don't forget the Field Reports!"

I'm working on one right now, i'll be sending it soon so be on the lookout for that.
Wednesday, June 1st 2011 @ 6:39 AM