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Friday, May 13th 2011

5:45 AM

Soresu Game - The True Seduction Form

Up to now, we have taken a closer, in-depth look at three previous styles or forms, of seduction, which I have modelled on the fictional Jedi fighting styles. While this is admittedly a bit geeky, I would caution the reader not to dismiss any of this out of hand too quickly, for it has long been known that the Art of War and the Art of Love, in fact, compliment each other - one is Mars, the other, Venus. Seduction Grandmaster Mystery understood these concepts keenly, hence his labelling Game the Venusian Arts. And just like there are differing forms of self-defense, fighting and military operations, so too are there the differing forms of seduction. Each is designed to highlight a Man's innate gifts. For example, Shii-Cho Game is ideally suited for beginners, Men who have above average trouble with the subtlties of social interactions and Womens' role in all of that particularly, or the Man who values the "less is more" line of thinking. Ataru Game, on the other hand, is a high energy, high impact form of seduction that lays heavy emphasis on the body; peacocking is almost always over the top in this style, and does best in social situations that favor the loud and flashy. Then there's Niman Game - arguably the smoothest, most flowing style of Game there is. This is because, of all the forms of Game out there, this is the one that closest comes to that of a Natural. Niman Game emphasizes "being in the zone"; improvisation and living in the moment are key here, all of which requires a high degree of Game sensitivity and intuition. 

While all of these forms of Game can be adapted for "defence", in truth, they are all more suited for what we refer to as Direct Game - this is where the Gamesman makes his approach to the Target in a more or less straightforward manner. Indeed, almost all of the Seven Forms of Seduction are "Direct Game" oriented; only one in particular, stands apart from the rest, and is the epitome of Indirect Game form:

Soresu Game. 


Because while all the other forms of Game rely to varying degrees on not only Direct Game but also "Outer Game", Soresu Game emphasizes Indirect and Inner Game, to the max. Indeed, that is the strength of Soresu Game, it's heavy reliance on Inner Game. For more understanding on these points, let us refer back to my initial post on the Seven Forms, "Styles Makes Fights - & Game", and what I said about Soresu Game in particular:

"Because of its focus on defense, and not on offense and attacks, this form is often referred to as “the true Jedi form” because of the Order’s emphasis on passivity and peace, as well as mercy-Soresu tends to focus more on disarming an opponent rather than taking him out altogether. Obiwan Kenobi is recognized as the undisputed Master of the form and displays it beautifully, even as an older Man in the famous “cantina” scene of Star Wars: Episode Four, and his final duel with Darth Vader on the Death Star; and in his epic duel against his one time apprentice Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode Three. Notice how no matter how much rage and sheer power Anakin used against Obiwan, Obiwan remained calm and parried all his attacks, blocked all his blows and patiently bided his time, until, finally, Anakin revealed a blindspot-and Obiwan took him out.

Its for this reason that Soresu is considered virtually invincible, because opponents have been known to get tired and give up. In Game parlance, this form doesn’t expend much energy chasing Targets around, but rather *draws them in* and then uses the Target's energy (and that of her entire entourage) with which to build attraction, slowly, surely, letting the seduction unfold in its own good, sweet time. “Maximum effect with minimum output” is a big feature of this style - the ultimate in Indirect Game - and it is for this reason that it is one of the best styles to have, because of its focus and emphasis on efficiency and economy, putting out just enough Game to entice the Target to draw her in more and more; String Theory for example, is a big feature of this form or style of Game.

But it’s also heavily dependent on one cultivating strong Inner Game, because that’s where this style’s true strength comes from. This style of Game relies on patience, tranquility and calm-cool, smooth, refined, yet focused and determined in the eye of the storm. Through this inner calm and peace, firm yet relaxed cool and confidence, and ability to draw in a Target to himself, such a Gamesmen rarely encounters flakes, LMR or ASD. Closes are almost always complete and full. Negs are classic in this form - deliciously offhand and ambiguous, along with everything else about this style; this is a big part of what draws the Target, indeed, her entire group into your frame. "Cocky funny" is definitely an example of Soresu. Outside of Shii-Cho itself, Soresu is the only other form that is form that stresses being firmly grounded in the fundamentals, and is perhaps the best style to use when engaging large groups of people, like a target's friends, one or more cockblockers, and so on. Shit tests are easily deflected with this style, with the target (or her friends) usually giving up in a mixture of exasperation and admiration, if done right. In Seduction parlance, this style is among, if not thee most rooted, in the concept of Solid Game."

Notice three very strong components of Soresu Game - patience, mercy (read: ethics) and indirection. These factors make for Soresu Game being, in my humble opinion, the strongest of all the forms, insofar as LTRs are concerned. Why? Because again, its reliance on Inner Game - which means that your frame is strong and your congruence - your inner and outer selves - are as close to being in perfect alignment as possible. These are crucial ingredients to any LTR situation, because over the course of the relationship, your "true" self emerges - and it is here that most Gamesmen fall short. Even the great Game Master Style himself, fell short in this regard, and he discusses it in his groundbreaking memoir, The Game - and he is about the closest, well-known example of Soresu Game in the community that I can think of, because of his powerful manner of Indirect Game. But his experience as expressed in the book revealed his weaknesses insofar as Inner Game was concerned, and the results speak for themselves. 

Unlike most of the other forms of seduction, which tends to focus more on shorter term mating goals, Soresu Game is expressly designed for what I like to refer to as "going long and deep on a Woman". Therefore, this form of seduction does best in environments far away from the typical Game scenarios, like clubs, bars and lounges, unless one is a verified Master of the form, in which case he can deploy it just about anywhere. But ideally, environments that allow for seductions to take place and unfold over time, are best. 

Soresu Game prefers doing things over the course of weeks, even months, another reason why strong frame, congruence and Inner Game are called for. Studied seducers understand that the best seductions are those that have taken place over a period of time, because they know how Women think. The vast majority of Women do NOT desire a quick, to use a term another reader and commenter used recently, "womp womp womp", LOL. No, they want to feel the full seduction experience wash over them, with the consumation being the final act. Soresu practitioners understand all this, and act accordingly. 

So that's one thing, patience. But another, is mercy - and which is something that is sorely lacking in the Seduction community today, very sad to say. Much of the community's focus is on what some refer to as "fast seduction" methods and the like, and while some of their developers and teachers may not intend to do this, what this line of seduction leads is to an inherent philosophy of cutting corners and taking shortcuts, which itself leads to the engaging and defending, of what are ultimately unethical, potentially dangerous, and in some extreme cases, even illegal practices. Such a path is the way to the Dark Side (though it must also be said, that a Darksider may also be an excellent practitioner of Soresu Game as well; just usually, this tends to be a bit rare, because of the inherent nature of the Sith Way, which is "the quick and easy path". But if one encounters a Dark Gamer who employs a "Sith" variant of Soresu Game, run.), because the other forms of Game are such that things can and often does move very quickly, and can encourage the Gamesman to "move in for the kill" too much, with little to no regard to the ethical implications of the situation and what has led up to this point. Soresu Game, on the other hand and in its best light, is a form of seduction that lays stress on patience, forethought and thinking things through as best as possible, before making any moves, or even while in the midst of a seduction in progress. A major reason why "fast seduction" schools and the like focuses so much on "getting the cookie" (to use a Steve Harvey term), is because they don't teach a heck of a lot about Inner Game. Soresu Gamesmen, on the other hand, begin their training on the Inner Game side, which also entails lots of education into the minds and lives of Women, as well as other aspects of human social relations, history, literature, music and so forth. All of this not only better prepares the Soresu Gamesman for the seductions he will carry out in the future, but it also makes him a much desired Man out there on the open SMP by Women in aggregate, especially those Women who place a high value on such things. Because Soresu Game practitioners' Inner Game is so strong, they rarely if ever worry or fret about not moving fast enough in order to "close the deal" in the manner other Gamers do; indeed, they are often the ones to slow things down, not Women. Such Gamesmen prefer to get to know the Woman more first, to ascertain other things about her, before considering moving things along to the next step or phase. 

Which brings us, finally, to the third important factor of Soresu Game, which is its focus on indirection. Because Soresu Game focuses so much on Inner and Indirect Game, those who wield this style must be able to "pull" their Targets in, which can be done in a number of ways, all of whom depend greatly on the situation one finds oneself in. Ideally, the Soresu Gamesman "flies under the radar" and works himself from the periphery of the group into its inner circle, which can take place in a matter of minutes or months, depending on the situation. Once there, his Inner Game is such that it will "pull" his Target to him, which, when combined with deliciously subtle Negs and Push-Pull, makes this form of Seduction for all intents, invincible. Hence the reason why a Soresu Game practitioner's "flake rate" tends to be very low. True, because of the inherent nature of the style, they don't step to as many Targets either; but what Targets they do get, they tend to get the most mileage out of, so to speak. Again, it is for this reason, that Soresu Game is the best suited for those Men who desire LTRs over the more STR forms of Game. 

And another strong feature of this form is in its efficency. With the arguable exception of Shii-Cho Game, Soresu Game expends the least amount of energy, in comparison to say, Ataru Game, Djem-So Game or Juyo/Vapaad Game. Even Makashi Game takes more energy and some doing than Soresu Game, and that's because all of these other forms rely on Direct Game, which is inherently more focused on the Man doing most of the work. Soresu Game, on the other hand, achieves a balancing effect between Gamesman and Target, and in many instances, it is the Target that does the work, in seducing herself. (For an excellent cinematic example and demonstration of Soresu Game in action, checkout Francis Ford Coppola's "Dracula" and note how Gary Oldman's Dracula wielded excellent Soresu Game on Winona Ryder; pickup this YouTube clip at the 4:00 mark)

President Barack Hussein Obama, is perhaps the greatest example of Soresu Game in action, living today. His patience, sense of mercy and ethics, and his indirect manner, were and continue to be, irrresistable - especially to the ladies. Go and see the voting results for yourself, among single Women voters especially. Nor was his reach in this regard limited solely to the United States - note how he's received overseas, particularly Western Europe. And then, there was his being awarded the world's highest honor - the Nobel Peace Prize. Fewer achievements of Game have risen to this level. 

In closing, Soresu Game is, in my view, the ultimate form for the True Seducer. For those who wish to be among the Masters of the Venusian Arts, Soresu Game is quite simply put, the bomb. 

Now adjourn your asses...

The Obsidian
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Posted by Bagong Ngadu Hayam:


As I noted above, Style's problem was that he didn't have strong enough Inner Game, which is why things brokedown with Lisa. This is why I'm so grateful to Athol Kay to doing up a book that focuses on a LTR kind of Game, because until now, it hasn't really been geared for that, and in no way am I saying there is something wrong with that; just saying that, since most guys are looking for LTRs anyway, it is my view that Game needs to take this into account. This is why I'm very pleased to see the 'sphere moving in that direction, at least a bit. While I'm at it, lemme give a shoutout to The Hawaiian, for he's long been a strong advocate of "Game for Marriage" as well, and is a hell of a great writer on Game in general. He should be doing a book too, LOL.
Thursday, October 10th 2013 @ 5:56 AM

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To me, it sounded a lot like focussing the most effort at core frame, or in other words inner game. I liked he concept, but couldn't imagine how it would work in a tactile manner. Being the INTJ that I am, I simply couldn't connect the concept with how to apply it with others in a social situation. I think is may be it, the real world application of a concept I've been chewing on
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Thursday, July 26th 2012 @ 9:18 PM

Posted by Ted D:

I really need to get my frame solid, because I could rock this shit out. So much of this describes how I behave in certain social situations that I know with the right amount of confidence, I could own this style.

To an extent this also describes an idea I've had floating around in my head since I saw someone at anothermblogmrefer to "anti-game". To me, it sounded a lot like focussing the most effort at core frame, or in other words inner game. I liked he concept, but couldn't imagine how it would work in a tactile manner. Being the INTJ that I am, I simply couldn't connect the concept with how to apply it with others in a social situation. I think is may be it, the real world application of a concept I've been chewing on.

Also, it's hard to resist such a strong Star Wars tie in. As a child of the 70's, that just takes me home.
Thursday, July 26th 2012 @ 9:11 PM

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Wednesday, September 21st 2011 @ 9:02 PM

Posted by Blues:

Hey O, it's not that i have anything against the canned stuff, it's just that i'd rather not depend on it, sure there are some that are staples no matter what like Mystery's Kiss Gambit or Style's "Respect" answer to a "level 2 sexual shit test" to name a couple of classic ones, however -and you may blame this on my own pride- i'd rather not depend on anything pre-scripted and support myself on inner game and my own take of game.
Saturday, May 14th 2011 @ 9:03 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

O: Yea, I've addressed that here: Male Victims Of Domestic Violence=Lack Of Frame & Zero GAME

"Yet in my limited experience, in an LTR there's stuff that can only be seen and understood about your partner after a while in it and sometimes after sex."

O: Yea, I hear ya. Just relax, Man. You'll be able to navigate all of that when you're in it.

"P.S. i'm like the kid that never stops asking "why", huh?
P.S.S. Am i even making sense?"

O: Nah, it's cool. Questions are good.

Saturday, May 14th 2011 @ 5:03 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

"Obsidian: i'm actually Venezuelan and 27 right now which explains the LTR orientation -though i've always been like that, it's just stronger now-. I actually read about HUS right here from a post at the time i started lurking early this year, i was intrigued at how a woman's take on Game would be and it as i thought would help me to gain even greater insight."

O: Oh, OK. Well, I wanna welcome you aboard again! Venezuela, huh? Wow.

"As for game, i re-stumbled on it about 6 months or so ago, i found it first around 5 or 6 so years ago in a site called ladderwiki (now defunct except for the forums) that explained the "Ladder Theory" (funny anecdote, back then beta = intellectual whore) but ultimately took the blue pill because felt unsuitable and silly for me for the reasons stated early, the fact that back then most of Game stuff was canned material made by and for clubbing USA males and my lack of inner game caused by lack of insight on the female mind."

O: You mentioned canned stuff earlier and I just want to say that it works just as well as anything "original" you can come up with. They've even got studies out on this that proves this fact. I wouldn't sweat the canned vs. original thing, because it's as much as HOW you say something as it is WHAT you're saying. Better to get the delivery and timing and body language down pat over having the "right" thing to say but not knowing how to deliver it or deliver it correctly. Personally, I've never really relied on canned stuff, because I'm a naturally chatty dude, and can pretty much come up with whatever off the cuff, but I don't knock canned stuff either for the fellas who aren't as glib.

"Another doubt, when and how does one break up an LTR? or more like, when is it ethical? the logical Soresu answer would be not to have sex if you're not comfortable in the LTR and watch for serious red flags such as these:


O: Yea, I've addressed th
Saturday, May 14th 2011 @ 5:02 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

"Obamas "ethics"? *cough cough cough* He's broken every campaign promise he made. He's Bush's third term."

O: Really, now? OK, let's examine that:

Obama won his election straight up; no need for judicial intervention to straighten things out.

Obama got the Healthcare Bill signed into law, a key campaign promise of his.

Obama hunted down and took out Osama bin Laden, a Man who had eluded BOTH Bushes AND Clinton.

And, Obama ended the Iraq War, with plans in the works to end the Afghan War.

All three of the aforementioned were key aspects of his campaign. Do you agree or disagree?

"Anyhow, what your Game style articles could really use are some concrete examples."

I've already begun to address this; my post "You Should Be Dancing" and "On Short Men, Tall Women & Ataru Game" are examples of this, but I have more in the works, so definitely stay tuned...

Saturday, May 14th 2011 @ 4:53 PM

Posted by Blues:

Another doubt, when and how does one break up an LTR? or more like, when is it ethical? the logical Soresu answer would be not to have sex if you're not comfortable in the LTR and watch for serious red flags such as these:


Yet in my limited experience, in an LTR there's stuff that can only be seen and understood about your partner after a while in it and sometimes after sex.

P.S. i'm like the kid that never stops asking "why", huh?
P.S.S. Am i even making sense?
Saturday, May 14th 2011 @ 9:24 AM