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Wednesday, May 11th 2011

1:08 PM

On Fitness, Focus & Footwork: More Fundaments Of Solid GAME

"Wax on, wax off..."

- Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid

Now that the Moon has entered Virgo and my allergies seem to have cleared up (at least for the moment - wish me luck!), I thought it would be an excellent time to share some insights with you, my interested readers and Brothas-in-Arms, about some of the Game-related thoughts rambling through my head. 

Some of you may recall a piece I did for The Spearhead and which appeared on my original blog, the O-Files 1.0; it was an article geared toward helping Men who were facing hard economic times still get their swerve on. I've said it before and it bears repeating - you can always tell who among the Men have Game and who do not, when hard economic times hit. After all, those who live by Wallet Game die by Wallet Game, because they have nothing else to offer the ladies, and so when the loot runs out, so do the ladies. On the other hand, true Gamesmen have the skills of the Venusian Arts bonded to their very essence, and as such, will never want for feminine company; indeed, their very best seductions are when times are hard and their wallets are kinda light. This is because they have learned how to actually BE interesting, charismatic guys who do not need to rely on trickets and supplication in order to win the SEXUAL ATTRACTION of the female.  By all means, check that piece out, and consider what I'm about to offer today as a companion piece of sorts to that; depending on what happens, I may do a follow-up to even today's post, making the whole thing a series. 

OK, so O-Files commenter Dragnet, who I might add is a pretty damn competent Gamesman in his own right, recently mentioned the importance of a Man's overall state of fitness, and he couldn't be more correct. While it's true that we Men tend to be a quite goodly bit visually inclined than the ladies, that doesn't mean that they're blind - basic good grooming still counts for a lot. Along with that, having a bod that's fit is key as well. 

Now, what I'm about to say may have others like Dragnet disagreeing with me, and for my part I welcome it, but I must say, that I've never been one for the gym. Just didn't have the time or inclination for it. Me, I've always stayed fit by being active, mainly as a result of the jobs I've had in my life. I've always done lots of manual labor and Blue Collar work, since I was a teenager and worked with my dad rehabbing houses, doing drywall, painting, roofing, electrical and plumbing work, concrete and stone masonry work, and so forth. Trust me, you spend all day toting that barge and lifting that bale, and not only will you lose weight and get fit, you'll make some nice money for yourself, too. In fact, that's an excellent idea for you Cubicle Jockeys who are able to swing it - take up a side job where you're doing some full-body physical things like that which I noted above. My Man The Hawaiian's got up a post on this topic, over at his blog, and it repays reading, since let's face it, these are hard times and many of us will need to work a side job to make ends meet. Why not do it doing something that'll keep you fit at the same time, too? 

Moreover, as a union card carrying Brotha, lemme tell ya, Women like that. They do. Do you know why? Because its Men's Work, that's why. Nuff said on that.

Now let me address the other thing I wanted to get to - and that's the need for you Brothas to get out of your cars and even off the buses and trains, and actually walk. This will do two things: up your notch count because you'll be meeting far and away more Women than you could driving by in your whip, and two, it'll keep you in shape. Trust me, if you putting in anywhere from five to ten miles or more a day of roadwork, at least five days a week, you WILL lose weight. And you'll build up your endurance, too - which is needed for properly wearing out your Target(s) in the sack. For you Brothas out there who complain about not knowing where to go to find the honies, lemme tell you right now: this time of year, they're EVERYWHERE, all out on the streets. You just gotta get off your butt and get out of that car and actually pound the pavement. Hit up all those side streets and out of the way places - remember, the Gamesman does what other guys don't. So, if they all flossin' in their big SUVs and motorbikes and whatnot, you're working the ground with some nice walking shoes or running shoes on. You're able to engage those honies with some tight Day Game while the other lame cats are driving their gas guzzlers down the street, failing miserably because they don't understand the dynamics of trying to hit on Moving Targets. You'll be able to make note of areas where honies are known to put in some serious foot traffic, and as well, you'll be able to make note of little out of the way, eclectic (and often cheap) cafes, coffee shops and eateries which can be used for future dates and so forth, unlike the lames who still doing Summertime blockbuster flicks at the multiplex, followed up by din-din at Red Lobster - yawn. All the while, you'll be slimming down and getting fit in the process. 

My rule for being fit is a very simple one: when buck naked, can you look down and see your pubes? When fully clothed, can you look down and see your belt buckle? If the answer is yes, you're reasonably fit; if no, get the weight off, round boy. You don't have to be super buff or cut, but being fit is key, if for no other reason - because it helps your Sex Game, bigtime. Aside from the increased endurance it gives, it also makes for an impressive sight when you disrobe. Girlfriend's gaze should be on what's staring back at her - not your belly, you dig me? So, work to flatten that gut, because Sistas by and large really ain't tryin' to get with that. 

Now many guys like to lift weights, and I do too, though I have to be careful with it, because I have a tendency to blowup pretty fast and I don't wanna be looking like Hans & Franz, LOL. But if you like to lift, I recommend you get some simple stuff: all iron plates, a long bar, some dumbells, a bench, if that. You don't need a lot. That's what Brothas on the inside use, and look at them. Also, if you can swing it, I recommend a heavy bag - set it up downstairs in the basement if you can do that. Working the bag keeps you in shape and keeps your Marital artist's skills sharp, too. They're all kinds of instructional videos and the like out there that you can use to train yourself in the basics - try YouTube. Don't worry about being the next Sugar Ray Robinson or Bruce Lee, most guys out there don't know the first thing about self-defense anyway. So you just being fit and having the basics down puts you in the top 20% of martial artists out there, trust me. 

Now, if you got it like that to hit up gyms, get personal trainers and so forth, more power to ya, God bless ya. But I'm talking about the Brothas out there - and don't even front because if you're a Brotha, chances are times IS kinda hard for ya - who may not have the finance to go in for those kinds of things. The things I'm talking about here can assist him in very simple, practical ways, while also putting him right where the honies be. That is what I consider to be a kind of holistic, yet practical approach to Game, working the inside and the outside, in ways that are accessible to any Man who wants it. (in fact, all the equipment I'm talking about here? - you don't even need to get it new. Hit up the flea markets and thrift stores in your area, chances are you can get all this stuff there for real cheap. Just make sure its in good working order, etc. Besides, I don't know about you, but I don't like getting my physical on with equipment that looks too "shiny" or in places that look too "clean" if you know what I mean)

Game is not just a matter of the Mind, but of the Body as well. Treat both well, respect them both, and unite them both, and watch your notch count grow accordingly.

Now adjourn your doughboy asses...

The Obsidian
6 comment(s).

Posted by Russwurm:

sumber daya akan menjadi yang ideal diperoleh ditawarkan . Banyak Model mengidentifikasi tas toko tas
Thursday, May 15th 2014 @ 7:01 AM

Posted by Obsidian:

I don't doubt for a minute what you're saying here; but, you see, in order to get to that point dude in question HAD to have at least SOME Game. In fact, based on what you said above, I'd bet the house on it, if I were a Betting Man.

More on all this soon - stay tuned...

Friday, May 13th 2011 @ 2:58 AM

Posted by Yoles:

Obie i only asked this because in my experience the men that got under my skin were not necessarily "alpha" males but men that had that oxytocin pouring over me, spilling into me & having me awash in it!! forget push and pull, negs, vulnerability control it was orgasms!! even as i read other blogs speaking about game i do not see them mentioning that all this crap is not necessary if you keep up the heat in the bedroom... maybe i speak to much... shhh this is just between me and everyone that reads your blog you
Thursday, May 12th 2011 @ 11:44 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

LOL. You a mess girl. SMH

BUT, you're 100% correct. No use in being a great seducer if you cant bring it when the moment of truth comes, pardon the pun - and no doubt, Hell hath no fury, like a Sista who been "womp womp womped", LOL. So, does Game Theory address this? The short answer is, it all depends on who you talk to. In Obsidian's Dojo, we do it all.

And your timing couldn't be better, since we'll be dealing with this very topic very soon, later this month.

(SMH LOL @ Yoles)

Thursday, May 12th 2011 @ 7:16 AM

Posted by The Realest Leo:

Word. One of the fringe benefits of being in the military is ample opportunities to stay in shape.
Wednesday, May 11th 2011 @ 10:05 PM

Posted by AquanautST:

On point
Wednesday, May 11th 2011 @ 8:31 PM