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Wednesday, April 6th 2011

12:42 PM

Being In The Zone: Niman Game

"Game recognize Game."

- Anonymous

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of Hooking Up Smart, the brainchild of one Ms. Susan Walsh, almost from the first minute I got word of her blog being in existence. It originally began as the product of her kitchen table - as so many great American things do - borne of two very important (and for the parents among us, harrowing, LOL) facts:

1. That her daughter was heading off to college


2. That all of the young ladies her daughter's age, were quite upset about their relationship pickin's.

Those discussions spurred Ms. Walsh, a Wharton MBA grad and successful businesswoman in her own right, to found her blog HUS, for the dual purposes of discovering more about what had become known as "hook-up scene" on college campuses accross the country, and as well as to find ways to assist young ladies like her daughter navigate its sometimes difficult waters. The blog has gone on to get the ear (and in some cases, ire) of quite a few bigger names out there in the blogosphere and beyond, making Ms. Walsh known to local radio personalities and to national figures like Amanda Marcotte and Jessica Valenti alike.

Of course, what began as kind of effort to assist the young ladies of her daughter's generation, grew into something much, much bigger, when Ms. Walsh ran afoul of one Mr. Tucker Max - which in turn led her to what some refer to as the Seduction Community - which led her to Ferdinand Bardamu - which led her to Roissy - and the rest, as they say, is history. Ms. Walsh tumbled down the rabbit hole and landed squarely on her bottom, if I may be so frank, LOL. She discovered, quite by accident, an entirely new world of young Men who had a completely different take on what she was led to believe from her many kitchen table talks with the younger ladies in her social circle. These were Men who were, for all intents and purposes and in the main, the de facto losers of the "hooking up" scene; they lamented that they were often not only overlooked, but were treated with disdain and open contempt by the very kinds of ladies Ms. Walsh sought to assist, and felt cheated by all that their parents, and society, told them about life, the birds and the bees. Moreover, Ms. Walsh found, was that there was a significant number of these Men who resolved to "figure Women out" once and for all, devoting themselves to learning what has become known as Game - a codified, mapped out series of mating strategies just about any Man can learn and deploy, in order to get Women, ie, get laid, or even if he wishes, get a relationship.

I've known Ms. Walsh since the Fall of 2009, right after the launching of my original blog, what I refer to as the O-Files 1.0, and in that time it's been a real delight watching her discover for herself not only Game, but its many layers and permutations. To this day, she is the only Woman I know who has what I would consider to be a formidable understanding of Game itself, but also of the many issues and social forces that inform and shape it.

So it was with my great pleasure and interest that her one of her latest offerings, "The Wisdon of Yohami" would be the first thing I saw when I checked in with her blog yesterday. Yohami is an Argentinian young Man who transformed his life for the better via Game - but his "take" on it is quite a bit different from what most Game students and practitioners - at least insofar as the Manosphere is concerned - are used to.

That's because his "style" of Game more closely aligns with what I refer to as "Niman Game", which, like its Jedi counterpart, is a style that is more focused on "being in the zone" more than the other forms of Game.

Here's what I said about the Niman form of Game, on my post reviewing what I consider to be the Seven Forms of Seduction:

"The sixth form of Jedi combat, Niman, is considered more of a diplomat’s form or style, because instead of focusing on any one form, these users kind of dabble in all of them, having a basic understanding of each and a kind of "balancing out" in terms of knowing all of the styles or forms. While this results in a fairly good grounding in the Jedi Arts, the problem with this form, is that there isn’t enough of a deep grounding in any one style to really be able to make an impact when out in-field and going up against more hardcore opponents (Targets that rate an 8 or higher on the attractiveness scale)-this is why most Jedi were killed at the Battle of Geonosis in Attack Of The Clones."

As you can see in the comments thread over at HUS on Yohami (which is now 300 comments and counting!), Yohami very much embodies the above principles; by own his admission, he has studied and clearly has a fairly good grounding in almost all of the known "masters" of the Venusian Arts, and which has resulted in him having a nice "balancing out" effect in terms of his application of Game - but his deepest strength lay not only in his cultivation of what many in the community refers to as Inner Game, but also in the fact that he already brought considerable gifts to the table before he ever picked up a Pickup book. That "something" explains his interests in music, and often, Niman types tend to be artistic or otherwise intuitive guys who have a more innate understanding of Women, or failing that, an understanding of the kinds of things Women tend to be drawn towards, such as art, spirituality of a more mystical/exotic sort, and so forth. Therefore, their understanding and application of Game, tends also to be intuitive; it doesn't at all resemble the more rote, by-the-book forms of Game that many in the Manosphere recognize, and which explains why there are some regulars over at HUS who has taken issue with Yohami's presentation and by extension Ms. Walsh's featuring of him; they argue that she likes what he has to say because it's simply a form of "chick crack". Well, to be frank, there's a goodly bit of truth in that observation; but it is also true that from what I've read of the guy, he clearly has Game, and he is by no means alone.

Niman types are much more inclined towards the philosophical and the mystical than are the more "hard" types of Game practitioners, and the result is a much smoother flowing style of Game that is very much a hit with the ladies, and much harder to grasp for the fellas, especially those who are more "nuts and bolts" oriented. If you're a very improvisational type of guy, a guy that is at his best living in the moment, you want to get Niman Game, if you don't have it already - I say that because of all the forms of Game to learn, Niman Game takes the least amount of "work" to get. That is, because these guys tend to be much more "Game sensitive" than other guys, and so don't need much in the way of formal, by the book, step by step instruction and training; often, a little bit of Game goes a long way for these guys. When it comes to the Black community, most of the Brothas you see will tend to be variations on the Niman principle at their best, more often than not; and if the latter, they often only need a little bit of training - sometimes no more than a few informal barbershop type convos - to get up and running. I myself have seen this countless number of times, and so have you.

Let me explain in this way...

One of the big stories in the news lately was the recent sports documentary produced in part by former NBA player Jalen Rose, about he and the rest of the fabled "Fab Five" and their reflections of their intense rivalry with the Duke Blue Devils. Rarely does one see such stark examples of the kinds of Game principles at work in the everyday world.

I say that because Rose's squad was the very epitome of the Niman principle - they were as improvisational as it gets, Rucker Park coming to the NCAA (and later, the NBA itself); the "And1" style of play had arrived to the big dance. Duke, on the other hand, represented the "right way" to play basketball; plays were clearly demarcated on charts, films were studied, and heavy emphasis was laid on the fundamentals of the game: defense, spacing on the floor, teamwork, making foulshots, having good form, and practice, practice, practice (a testimony for Shii-Cho Game if there ever was one!). The contrast was striking - not just in terms of the styles of play itself, but also in terms of race, of social class and so forth. While those who strongly reacted to Rose's reflections in the documentary were quick to point out that his Fab Five lost twice to Duke, and badly at that (including Grant Hill himself), they missed a larger point, which directly speaks to the point being made in today's lecture:

The Fab Five were FRESHMEN, who were able, on sheer innate talent alone, to claw their way to the Final Four and go head to head against one of the best teams ever to cut a net off a hoop. Twice.

Think about that for a moment - and then you will see why Niman Game, in the hands of a verified master, ain't no joke.

Yes, Duke ultimately prevailed, but before the cheering starts, consider this: what if the Fab Five had only a little bit of solid coaching in only two areas: defense, and making foulshots - nothing else? They would have beaten Duke - at the very least, they would have kept the games very close.

Often, this is the case with Niman types - they only need a little bit of Game training, just a few "tweaks" here and there, to fully flesh out their Seduction skills. What those "tweaks" are depends on the particular Niman type of guy in question; for some, it's a matter of getting their timing down (Seven Hour Rule); for others, it may be understanding how to approach correctly (for example, NEVER coming at a Woman who doesn't know you from behind); or understanding why they keep encountering some Last Minute Resistance, or Women who always Flake on them. I've had numerous off the cuff convos with such guys, and the difference is like night and day, especially if they take to heart what's been imparted. Their already high Game-sensitivity combined with just a few tweaks makes them formidable seducers.

The problem with Niman Game though, is that because of its lack of rote focus, it's very hard for these guys to really drill down to the core of Game principles, which is key for gaming certain kinds of Targets; really high class/high quality Women will need much stronger frames and solid skills in order to get. This is why, in the Black community, even strong Niman types might not be enough for certain kinds of Sistas, who require a bit more in the "Solid Game" department to bed down/form relationships with. Niman Game almost by definition, is a lighter form of seduction, if only because it tends to lack that by the book, nuts and bolts focus that other, "harder" forms of Game stresses. This is why the more nerdier Brothas tend to be so very frustrated with the extant "material" on Game in Black America, typically found in the form of say, a Tariq Nasheed or an Iceberg Slim, because in the hood, the "default" setting of Game tends to be along the Niman model - informal, intuitive, implicit - and often have to go to the White Seduction community in order to receive training in the Ways of Seduction. There is no flowchart presentations, or acronym-laced language, LOL. Even guys like Yohami, who might have taken the time out to read up a goodly bit on all or most of the extant literature out there on the topic, don't tend to be terribly deeply rooted in the Venusian Arts, which explains why Niman types don't tend to be very good teachers of the Seduction Sciences, either. Their lack of rootedness makes it hard for what they intuitively know and understand to transfer to those they are talking to, which can and often does frustrate their "students". Perhaps the single best way to learn from a Niman practitioner of Game, is to simply observe them; watch what they do, and what they don't do. And take notes. Lots and lots of notes. Because Niman types rarely are into providing bullet points and powerpoint presentations, LOL. That's not the Niman Way. After all, these guys, even in their best light, tend to come off as "zen masters" - which is what Yohami's fans refer to him as.

OK, that's it for today.

Now adjourn your asses...

The Obsidian

13 comment(s).

Posted by Escarondito:

Wednesday, April 6th 2011 @ 12:58 PM

Posted by YOHAMI:

Bro, you´re right I had stuff on the table, me being artsy and crap, but it was all over the place. When I decided to be "the best man I could be" I became such a great beta provider. Not funny. I only realized I was lost after many attempts and a lot of exposure to Game. I realized the way to go was to say "fuck it" and build my own alpha model with the pieces I had.

So, every guy has something on the table. Having a dick is 70% of it. Having balls is the rest. All the stuff that makes you unique, that constitutes your flavor, only counts when you covered the manly part and strengthened well. Girl will appreciate your fine qualities after / when she is open and wet.

So every guy has fine qualities. The fastest way to grow is to turn them into MANLY qualities. Pamper everything with so much manliness you can wear a pink dress and still have every girl turned on.

I think the emphasis on techniques and mind tricks is due to guys still thinking having a dick is bad / ashamed of being a man, and that keeping your mind occupied in techniques is easier than growing balls.

Not that balls dont grow while playing the PUA thing, they do, but balls really grow when making them grow is all you care about.

Which is what I call - fuck it, go rampage into life and own it all.

Berzerk game. Balls game.
Wednesday, April 6th 2011 @ 4:35 PM

Posted by Susan Walsh:

Wow, Obsidian, many thanks for the kind words. I am indebted to you for that and of course your tutelage this last year and a half. I think you've really hit on something here re Yohami, and also about why the debate is quite polarized over at HUS.

And yeah, I admit, there is something quite romantic and seductive in Yohami's communication style, even when just eavesdropping on him talking to other men. No woman every swooned reading Mystery Method, LOL. So that works for him in an online forum, and no doubt IRL as well.
Wednesday, April 6th 2011 @ 5:49 PM

Posted by The Realest Leo:

So....I have a question:

What type of Game is best suited for men with limited Target Selection? (As is the case for myself?)

It's difficult to master a style when there's very few desirable women with which to practice.

(By the way, Obsidian, I bought a copy of "The Art of Seduction".)
Thursday, April 7th 2011 @ 3:44 AM

Posted by George:

I haven't read all of your Jedi forms of Game. Even I, an avowed Star Wars nerd since 1977 find it a bit... nerdy. I only clicked on this article in my RSS reader due to a bit of boredom. Glad I did.

This 'Niman' form of Game may be the 'ur' Game. In my view, Game is but one aspect of 'manning up'. By that, I don't mean what the feministing harpies mean. I mean being a man on men's standards. Carrying a strength of character and body that is lacking. Caused by or coincidental with feminism makes no difference. The idea of what it means to be a man is missing.

The value I find in game is that it is ok an natural to think, feel, and act in a manner that seems natural. Now I have but to overcome 38 years of training by society, well meaning parents, etc.

'Niman', as I understand it from this post, is the most holistic, all-encompassing view of the male self. In that respect, it should prove the most rewarding and most effective in the long run from a personal perspective.

In light of this post, I'm going to go back and actually read in depth your post concerning the different schools. While I may still find them dorky, it does seem to offer a frame under which various qualities of Game can be discussed.
Thursday, April 7th 2011 @ 7:01 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Hey Man, thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to post your comments! Yea, I did things in the way I did because let's face it, Game is largely (though not by any means solely) for nerdy, geeky guys, LOL. It gives them the tools to have a fighting chance out there on the mating and dating market, the sexual marketplace (SMP) of our time. Most nerds and geeks know the Star Wars universe and know it well, so I thought I'd choose that as one of many ways with which to get accross the key ideas, concepts and themes of Game. By all means, checkout my posts along these lines, starting with "Styles Makes Fights - & Game", and go from there. You can find that in the archives. I still have a few more posts along these lines to go, so stay tuned for those as well.

Please don't be a stranger, and let me know if there's anything you think I or the rest of the O-Files readership can help you out on/with! Thanks!

Friday, April 8th 2011 @ 8:07 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Well, look at you! Actually going out and buying books and shit. Good on you, bruh; good on you! I knew you could do it.

I think given your situation, the singlebest thing you can do right now, is STUDY. Really become a student of Game. You have the strong potential of being a powerful seducer and will make a lucky lady very deeply satisfied by being with you; but we must hone your inborn talents as a studies and scholarly Brotha. I would strongly urge you to focus as much time as you can on your Seduction Arts & Scienes studies, availing yourself of the reading materials we discussed back in Feb, and as well, copying all the posts on Game you've seen here thus far. Make a folder to keep on your desktop and keep all the posts there for quick reference. Make as many notes as you can, recalling on your own past experiences, and those of other Men you know, be they good or bad; in fact, the bad ones are best, because those are the ones that will most teach you valuable lessons.

More in a sec...
Friday, April 8th 2011 @ 8:12 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Whenever possible, take time out to meditate on that which we've discussed here in the forum, as well as that which you have read in your Game books. If you have ANY questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to bring it to the group. That's what I and other Men are here for! I and they, are here to assist you in meeting your goal - which is forging you into a solidly and fundamentally rooted Gamesman, rooted in the Venusian Arts and fully prepared to make one very lucky lady very, very happy to have found you.

So, consider your remaining time in South Korea as being away at school - Seduction School - and focus on your studies as much as you can. Soon, your time will come to apply out in the field all that you have learned. And you WILL be successful.

I guarantee it!

Keep up the good work!


PS: You should focus on developing strong Shii-Cho Game. In fact, that should be your specialty; you should be the Master of the form. It is perfectlyu suited for you. :)
Friday, April 8th 2011 @ 8:17 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

@Ms. Walsh,
Hey, my pleasure, I can honestly say that my life has been better as a result of you being a part of it. Keep up the great work!

Friday, April 8th 2011 @ 8:30 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

"Church", huh? LOL! I guess coming from a long line of clerics has finally paid off. Much appreciated!

Friday, April 8th 2011 @ 8:32 PM

Posted by Obsidian:

Hey, thanks for stopping by and for allowing me to make a guinea pig outta you, LOL. Deeply appreciate it and I thank Ms. Walsh for introducing me to a new friend!

Friday, April 8th 2011 @ 8:37 PM

Posted by George:

For now, just keep on keeping on. Anyone taking the piss out of Jessica Valenti and OneSTDV both is on the right track in my book.
Saturday, April 9th 2011 @ 4:15 AM

Posted by Jual Tas online murah di tanah abang:

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