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Tuesday, September 24th 2013

6:58 AM

Considering Tatyana's Street Harassment "Crusade": (Male) Commenter Reactions, Follow-Up Insights

"I'll be your huckleberry; that's just my game."
-Val Kilmer/"Doc Holiday", "Tombstone"

Yesterday, I posted my Monday Missive, this time focusing on the "activst" rabble that is Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's life's work. The article was I am very happy to say, very well received, and got mucho attention - just what I had hoped. A full-throated conversation obtaining on all facets of Sexual Politics in our time is sorely needed, especially when it comes to the Black community(?) in the 21st Century.

In one of the venues where my article appeared, the blog collective that I cofounded, Just Four Guys, featured several very interesting comment-reactions to my article; I should like to present a few of them for your consideration. 

The first is from "DME", who writes: 

"Well since “stop and frisk” is on the way out, and black men seem to be the target demographic for “The war against street harassment”, maybe they can just substitute “stop and gag”. Can’t let all that taxpayer money go to waste. Got to give the cops something to do.

As a blue collar dude, who has spent most of his adult life on construction sites, I have seen maybe a half dozen real “cat calls”. And I have worked with drug addicts, convicts, thieves, murderers, armed robbers, alcoholics and at least one ex pimp. If these guys, who are the dregs of society, who have no respect for any woman who didn’t bear them, are not participating in this “epidemic” of street harassment, then who the f*ck is?

Also I can say that when I worked as a bouncer, in a club that had a lot of bachelorette parties, that’s when I saw real sexual harassment. I’ve had my d*ck grabbed, my ass slapped, my nipples pinched, my chest stroked, and endured grilling’s about the size of my cock or my favourite sexual positions. And I was far from the best looking dude who worked there. Some of the good looking bartenders got that shit a dozen or more times a night."


"Tasmin" concurs:

"Second that. And strangers. Younger and older women. While women may not take the route of unsolicited sexualized verbal attention, IME many women operate under the premise that because men are of course just twitching sexual animals that they can put hands on us or engage in various other highly-sexualized-suggestive behaviors; that because they (may) have pre-approved such contact from us that it means we are always interested in their advances.

Perhaps the vocalization of that same kind of sexual objectification is beneath them – or would be too overtly indicative of their own base sexuality. Either way their hands can wander. Don’t get me wrong, the vocalization often comes, but usually just more privately or in the company of their close agents, as opposed to shouts from the scaffolding across the boulevard.

Interestingly, when called out on this behavior they often become hostile and take offense, go immediately to that poisoned well, the reflexive demeaning of the man. “What, are you gay or something?” “You can’t handle a real/strong/sexual/powerful/hot/experienced woman?” They must quickly place the man beneath them – and other men just for good measure. A man that they just had the hots for. Its crazy.

The victim chameleon, that cold-blooded reptilian seems to always be lurking just beneath the surface. They come at you with that pinkish glow of empowerment, but turn the lamp toward them and the victim skin comes out and suddenly that empowerment is invisible and my male privilege/power is trying to stomp all over them.

I’ve stopped calling them out lately and just give them a look that I would give a child that has done something disappointing yet predictable, that kind of subtle condescension that teachers can never seem to shake; suggesting that her behavior is beneath me and should be beneath her too; that the whole encounter is as asexual as possible to disarm the sexual aspect and turn it into just something stupid and rude – which it is. I suppose their confusion in all of that is better than a confrontation. I’ve lost what little desire I ever had to give my feedback on female behavior of this nature. Its pointless.

To me it is about that same old power/control and hypergamy stuff. They don’t want to be called out by the prisoners or construction flunks; they want to be called out in more sophisticated ways (of their choosing) by the SVP or the tall-cool-guy holding court at the bar/club. Nothing new about feminists and their beneficiaries wanting to control the entirety of the sexual market which includes policing and shaming anything that might “offend” them or suggest their actual place – natural or self-inflicted – within the SMP.

This is particularly true for anything that points out the fact that female sexuality (sex itself) has been on the clearance rack for years (dare not mention that they put it there) or if certain classes of men dare to express anything based merely on a woman’s appearance. They use words like dehumanizing and objectifying to make it seem like a universal issue, when in fact it is just more of that hypoagency and victim culture nonsense sloppily applied in their ongoing attempts to yoke men with more responsibility for women’s behaviors and choices."

I think the above two comments give us all a goodly bit to mull over, in this grand time of reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic that is the United States. 

Elsewhere on the Internet, reactions from other Men have been just as interesting...if not reactionary. Charges of "sour grapes" on my part were made, with the epithet "Holla Freedom!" (which I actually think is rather clever!) being hurled about - the notion that the motivations for my writing the article in the first place were a facade to cover over my own supposed failures to "holla" at Women on the street, that I am part and parcel of the demographic of which I chose to advocate for in this debate. These guys, and they are a paltry few I must point out, give stark witness to the idea that being a White Knight in Blackface, is a very real and living thing. 

Then, there were howls of derision over the (my) use of the term "She-Fascist" - a smoking gun, prima facie piece of evidence if there ever was one, that Obsidian was a rabid misogynist peddling wild-eyed conspiracy theories of an Estrogen-fueled Extinction Level Event just on the horizon over there. I'm chuckling to myself as I type these words; I guess my turn of phrase in describing the Tyranny of the Fairer Sex in our time. has rankled quite a few feathers indeed. The pen - or shall I say the keyboard - truly is mightier than the sword after all. 

Other guys questioned the style in which I wrote my missive - we Black folks are nothing if not style conscious, dontcha know - and suggested that my mentions of the McCarthy era, George Orwell and Leni Reifenstahl, were over the top and brought more heat than light to the discussion - of course, failing to get the joke, that my reasoning for mentioning those names, events and incidents was precisely to highlight the over the top actions of Fazlalizadeh and her ilk themselves - as well as to recall the lessons of history, and how they so often repeat themselves: the marginalization of others, the silencing of dissent, the assault on civil liberties; the hijacking of moral narrative, the axe-grinding in the name of "right", and an imposition on the reproductive lives of others - the very same grievances that those who paint themselves as Feminists have claimed to be against for lo these many years themselves. And, when they are first able to gain some degree of influence, what do they do? They do what their ostensible oppressors do - become oppressors themselves. 

Indeed, that the "responses" on the part of those who peddle this tripe would attempt to either personally attack and/or shutdown my voice of dissent, is telling, as I noted in my previous piece - the very same "WOC Feminists" who whined and moaned about how the all-powerful Prof. Hugo Schwyzer using his racial and gender privilege to silence their dissent and personally attack them using backdoor channels - and here we are on Twitter, where these same ladies are attempting to do the same thing to yours truly - and in so doing, have proven my point: they don't want a real debate, nor do they give a damn about "justice". What they want is to impose their worldview onto others, without challenge or even innocent questioning. They, are every bit as meglomaniacal as those they claim to oppose.  

Well, the done went and messed with the wrong Brotha this time. 

Stick around - we're just getting started.

Now adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
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