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Monday, September 23rd 2013

9:53 AM

Considering Tatyana’s Street Harassment “Crusade”

My latest post, which appears today at both Just Four Guys and The Urban Politico, picks up where I left off on Friday:

"Last Friday over at the popular website Very Smart Brothas, I participated in a discussion on the question of Street Harassment, the latest tempest-in-a-teapot "cause" on the part of what have come to be known, perhaps appropriately so, as Internet Feminists. A number of them have raised a ruckus over the past few years, and seems to have been successful in garnering their fifteen minutes of infamy. 

The discussion that I refer to at VSB was presented in the following manner: one half of the hallowed blogging team, one Mr. Damon "The Champ" Young, appeared on a panel of talking heads to discuss the matter on Huffington Post Live. The 22 minute segment featured Champ, who got to be on the panel in the first place, because he wrote a piece for Ebony.com where he appropriately did what comedian and commentator Bill Maher described as "making Women nod". He was the only Man on the panel, and no one there to actually present a balanced or even nuanced view of the matter under examination, regardless of gender. 

And what, pray tell, was the matter under examination? The idea that there is a horde of lecherous Men who can't, or better still won't, control their gaze, and keep it movin'. When this discussion comes up we're regaled with tales of Creepy Guys following Women around, throwing bricks at them for being rebuffed and so forth. It's a matter of national security! Stop Street Harassment Now!

The problem with this line of histrionics, actually several problems, is that it (1) cheapens any chance for actual thoughtful discourse on the matter; and, (2) it actually slaps yet another layer of profiling the putative offenders.

Why do I say that? 

Because - and this has been borne out on the aforementioned discussion obtaining on VSB - the "source" of the "problem", appear to emanate from lower-class Black and Brown Men. As a rule, Men regardless of color, who are nevertheless from the upper stratas of society, don't form up on street corners in sketchy neighborhoods and harass the ladies as they walk by. Quite a few of the ladies who took part in the discussion on VSB last Friday confirmed my initial analysis of the matter - and in so doing, couldn't help from squirming in their realization."

Read the whole thing over there and over there, too!

Now adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
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