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Monday, September 9th 2013

9:29 AM

New Post Up At The Urban Politico: "Playing The "Misogyny" Card"

Good Morning fellas,
My newest/latest is up over at The Ubran Politico:

"When you've been hard at the blogging game as long as yours truly has - four years next month - it is to be expected that you're likely to ruffle a few feathers. Indeed, much of the conversation between myself and the powers-that-be here at The Urban Politico, had to do with precisely this dynamic, one of irate commenters and the like who, because what you wrote has struck a raw nerve in them, are not able or willing to respond with reasoned debate, but rather with Id-rage fueled invective. One of the more recent ploys toward tarring and feathering one's interlocutors, while at the same attempting to shutdown any meaningful examination of the issues along Sexual Politics lines, is to label anyone who says anything you, as a (Black) Woman, doesn't like, as a...

wait for it...


Such was the case, or should I say, the most recent case of where I was accused of such a dastardly act, by one of my irate commenters to my column last week that examined Street Harassment, the current tempest in a teapot of the moment. The dusky-hued lady of the hour, accused me of being a "misogynist" in response to a piece where, if anything, I was taking fore-square aim at Brothas, many of whom make utter fools of themselves when out and about on the streets of America, trying to "holla" at the ladies going about their daily business."

Checkout the whole thing over there.

Also: by now I'm sure you've noticed that my posting has been a bit sparse of late; that's because I've been trying to get into a rhythm with my blogging duties across four blogs, including this one, and it's been a heck of a period of adjustment. But, I'm managing the process and enjoying the challenge! So, be on the lookout for more regular posts from yours truly here at the O-Files very soon. I'm working on sticking to a regular posting schedule of three times a week: Mon, Wed and Fri. Plus I'll toss in any updates on anything I put out elsewhere, etc. 

OK, now adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
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