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Friday, September 6th 2013

11:11 AM

Quick Hit: Walkabout

What's up Fellas,
Well, it's the weekend, the first after Labor Day and already the weather's changing - that means, it's an excellent time to get your walk on. 

I've written about this before, but it can't be said enough - if you want to meet the ladies, the best way to do that is to get out and about; and the best way to get out and about, is by pounding the pavement

You see, a lot of guys think that having a flashy ride or bike is where it's at, and in some cases, there's a bit of truth to that; but if you're living in an urban center that's pedestrian friendly, has lots of mass transit options, cabs and hacks, you really don't need a whip in order to get around. Plus, driving all the time comes at two great costs 1), not being able to really get a lay of the land (and by extension, the honies); and (2), gaining a good bit of weight around the middle - a definite no-no for a guy. 

Being able to walk the streets then serves two purposes - you open up more opportunities for approaches (either you apporaching the honies, or them approaching you, or both), because you're actually on the street instead of driving by (oh, and by the way - PLEASE do not attempt to "holla" at a Woman from your car - not only does it never work, all it winds up doing is making you look like the Lame Creeper that you are), and, you get a chance to get the pounds off. Being fit is important, and let's face it, in these days and times, when times are hard, especially for us Brothas, a lot of us may not be able to hit up the gym on the regular, either due to not having the spare finance, or the spare time due to working, or both; BUT, if you're smart, you can still get in some road work, which will serve the purpose of shedding some pounds and keeping you in shape. 

Trust me on this, fellas - just putting two miles in a day of walking, especially if there's hills involved, five days a week, WILL get you in good shape. You'd be surprised at just how many people, Men and Women both, can barely manage something like that, so just doing this alone gives you an advantage. 

Plus, think of the police - they say the best policing is the kind where the cops are working very closely with the communities they serve. The best way to do that is by walking the beat - in fact, those areas that have routine beat cops on patrol, see marked reductions in crime, because those cops, by walking that beat, know everything and everybody in said hood; cops who roll in squad cars, on the other hand, have a tougher time bringing down crime, in part because they really don't know the area they're policing; they don't know the people in it, don't have contacts and informants, don't know where all the action is likely to be. Think about it. 

Whenever possible, I walk, provided the weather's good, the distance one way is five miles or under, and I have the time to do so (in cases where I'm pressed for time, etc., of course I make use of transit). I figure a maximum limit of ten miles a day in walking is good, and gives me the chance to really see what's out there. When you look around, you see a lot.

Mystery says, that the real deal Gamesmen do what other guys don't do; that what sets them apart from other Men out there, is that they do, say and act in ways that marks them out as different and a cut above the male masses. Well, other guys are bent on getting cars and the like, thinking that it will help them score chicks. It does, but at what cost? Now compare that to the smart guy who uses his feet and a little planning ahead of time to get to know the area he's working in, knowing the kinds of Women in it, the venues and hangout spots, you name it; he's able to meet a lady in his travels, chat her up, and setup a little meet over some chai at an out of the way side street hipster cafe spot. They hit it off in part because she's impressed by him not being "like all the rest" of the lame arsed dudes that are always trying to holla. You can take it from there. 

Who's getting more bang for their buck here - literally? 

Knowing the area allows you to know everything about it. 

Now get off the couch and adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
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