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Friday, August 30th 2013

9:42 AM

Quick Hit: Hugo Schwyzer Not Only Proves That Game Is Real, He Also Proves That It WORKS

“Hugo wasn’t worried about those types of criticisms from non-feminists like me. “The ones who do see [the deeper flaws], you can marginalize them. You can just roll your eyes at them.” Though Hugo said he knew he wasn’t the handsomest man in the room, he had confidence and that’s what helped propel him into the spotlight as a male feminist. Feminism was the perfect platform for him because, for one, he believes in feminism and maintains that he is still a feminist, but also because there were few other male feminists. It was the perfect platform for his need for female attention, which is something his anti-feminist critics have always asserted. He said that other male feminists merely took all their cues from women. “They weren’t doing anything, they were too chickenshit.” They only talked about violence against women, he said. Hugo tended to focus on female sexual empowerment or on belittling men. The latter worked and was vetted by prominent outlets, and that’s one part of the story here. The prominent male feminists “weren’t edgy; they weren’t sexy” he said. And then the bombshell for me: “It’s about having Game.” “I took Game to the feminist world,” he said at one point. Hugo said he made fun of Game as presented in the “Manosphere” because he was a natural at it.”

-Chuck Ross, “Hugo’s Last Hurrah”

I thought to close out this month, and to focus today's "Quick Hit", on one of the big events of the Summer - the fall of one Prof. Hugo Schwyzer, self-proclaimed "male feminist". There's been much written, from all sides on the matter, and I have, and will continue to weigh in on the whole thing because I think it's just that important; but for today's purposes, I would like to have all hands focus on the above quote: Hugo not only admits that he used GAME, he freely admits, THAT IT DOES WORK. 

That is huge, because of all the smokescreens he and his feminist allies have putting up in their multiyear War against Pickup - and both the ladies and guys like Hugo (and by his own admission, there aren't many), had profound reasons to see to it that other Men didn't learn of the Crimson Arts. For Hugo, the issue was simply a matter of keeping a lid on the competition; for the ladies, the matter was one of not giving the Keys to the Kingdom to Men they felt were unworthy. Indeed, their rabid actions, should have been the dead giveaway, that Game is the Real Deal - and that they were scared to death of it. 

Let the above quote ring out everytime any of these Fools (and quite a few exist on the Manosphere side of things too - please do not get it twisted) attempts to poo-poo Game/Pickup from this point forward; let it be known, that by their own hands, the matter is no longer one of debate. 

Game is Real...


Game WORKS - especially on those Women who shout from the rooftops, that it doesn't. 

Let Freedom Ring - indeed.

Now adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
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