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Friday, August 16th 2013

8:59 AM

Hugo Schwyzer Teaches The Manosphere A Huge Lesson – Will It Listen?

From my newest/latest column over at JustFourGuys:

"With the Internet still very much ablaze in the wake of disgraced Pasadena City College professor and self-proclaimed "premiere male feminist" Hugo Schwyzer's Twitter ill mental health-induced meltdown and virtual cage match with a cabal of Black Feminists, many in the Manosphere feel rightly vindicated in their views on Hugo: that he was a charlatan, a phony and a fraud; that he threw untold scores of Men under the bus for the express purpose of ingratiating himself to the ladies; that he mocked and scoffed at Men for daring to improve themselves and their dating/mating chances, in large part because he's a Natural himself and took delight in cutting the competition down to size; and that he's a a hopeless attention seeker, intent on getting the spotlight at any cost - which, if recent reports are to be believed, seems to include his (fourth!) marriage and children. 

But while the righteous indignation of many in the Manosphere - some of whom I would call allies, colleagues and even friends - I would like to suggest that we have much to learn from the Saga of Hugo Schwyzer - and that we would be wise to take heed as to what those lessons have to say. 

First, let's get right to the obvious: yes, Hugo told everyone, especially the ladies, what they wanted to hear - his writings across numerous and high-profile venues, such as the Atlantic, Jezebel, Feministe and others,  centered on all the familiar tropes of modern day, "Third Wave Feminism": buzzwords like "rape culture" and "creep" were common in Hugo's writings. But this only played a part of his mystique.

At least as important, was the fact that Hugo is, No Homo, a good looking Man."

Be sure to checkout the action and comment both here and over there .

Also: Speacial thanks, peace and shoutouts to Chuck Ross of Gucci Little Piggy fame for his big "get" in scoring an exclusive, in-depth interview with Prof. Hugo; checkout his piece on the whole thing here.

Now adjourn your arses...and Happy Friday!

The Obsidian

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