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Tuesday, August 13th 2013

9:58 AM

Quick Hits: "The Shaharazad Test"

Following up on the advice of longtime O-Man Todd, I thought it would be a good idea to put up a few "quick hit" posts a week here at the O-Files. The idea is to impart some Game advice that I've personally used in-field, and other personal experiences that hopefully will assist you on your own quest toward meeting your dating and mating goals, whatever they may be. 

OK, so let's get to something I came up with myself, that I call The Shaharazad Test. 

The Shaharazad Test is my way of responding to a (often very attractive) Woman's Sh*t Test(s) when out and about, like say, a club or other nitespot; often, she'll "ask" (i.e., infer, hint, or sometimes outright demand - not at all unusual for Sistas) you to buy her a drink. Now, we remember in our Game 101 studies how and why we shouldn't do such a thing without any good reason to do so first, usually that you've had sex with her (or, as you've gotten more experience and can get the feel for the Hookpoint, and you can sense and know that it'll lead to you being between her thighs), so this right off the bat should raise a red flag. 

Most of the time, when guys are hit with such an "ask" they cave - and FAIL to pickup the chica in question. After giving this situation some thought as a result of a mix of observation and personal experience, I came up with the Shaharazad Test:

Fine Sista: Aren't you going to buy me a drink?

Obsidian: I beg your pardon (ALWAYS slightly grin when you say/do this)? OK, I'll tell you what: you tell me a story and I'll buy you a drink; make it a good one and its only top shelf for you. Go...

Trust me when I tell you, this WILL knock her back on her heels, if for no other reason than because few if any guys have come at her like that before; she may do as you ask, telling you a story, or something interesting about herself, etc. 

But some Sistas will attempt to wrest back control of the situation, and try to fake you out:

Fine Sista: Tell you a story? Why I gotta do that?

Obsidian: Fine, I'll tell you a story - I have a friend of mine who is an actor, and last year did a one Man show about what it means to be a Black Man in America; he came out on stage wrapped in nothing but the American flag and a rubber duck on top of his head...all the Nice White Ladies in attendance had a bird and fainted...now you owe me a drink... (sly grin)

The point of this is to keep the gal off balance; she's expecting guys to basically accede to her demands, so you doing something outside the norm of that right off the bat sets you up as a Man Above the Norm - which is always like catnip to Women. 

Note also how I worked in a Compliance Test, too. Are we learning yet?

The really great thing about the Shaharazad Test is that either way, you win - if she complies, you win; if she tries to flip it back and you and you do what I've described above, you win; and if she just steps off, you win, because you didn't jump through a hoop for some chica for her own express benefit and you got nothing out of it. 

See how that works? 

Ok, now adjourn your arses...

The Obsidian
3 comment(s).

Posted by B.P.:

Why bother with such women in the first place? Why not simply say, "No, thanks," and walk away?

A man with options doesn't need to engage in nonsense with women he's not even sleeping with. Obviously entitled women? No, thanks. Women under the impression that the possibility of access to their sex or mere company is a privilege worth special treatment? No, thanks.

It seems to me that a man who is confident about himself would rather spend his energy on cool, together, interested, attractive enough women. Why care so much if she now rates a "7" rather than an "8.5" or "9"? Of course, other things being equal, better looking is preferable. But above one's minimum standard for satisfaction, looks aren't a reliable enough predictor of a good time, let alone a good relationship.
Tuesday, August 13th 2013 @ 4:11 PM

Posted by :

Great blog brotha. Looks like I found what I was looking for in the Manosphere. Im a black guy from Canada.

Can you write about the basics of flirting, and creating a sexual vibe. Thats wher eI have a problem.
Wednesday, August 14th 2013 @ 1:49 AM

Posted by Herschel:

karena fakta itu toko tas
Thursday, May 15th 2014 @ 7:53 AM