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Monday, December 24th 2012

3:42 PM

Two Knuckleheads For The Price Of One: In Response To Chuck Ross & Vox Day

"Ok so, bring up Black/Brown violence in the wake of the Newtown Massacre is something of a red herring because the people who typically commit this type of mass murder are not NAMs. Its usually a disgruntled, middle/upper class, young, white male. No doubt Black/Hispanic gun violence is an issue however when talking about Newton its off-topic and out of place. 

Its also disingenuous of the ALT-Right to bring up NAM gun violence because, lets be frank, they really don't give a shit about NAMs duking it out and the 'collateral damage' that results because its not happening to them, in their suburbans. Why is it that the Newtown shootings has these people deflecting gun violence in a white suburb onto people that are a world away? All evidence suggest, if a suburbanite, white or otherwise, is going to be a victim of gun violence it will be most likely at the hands of another middle/upper class suburbanite, usually an white guy in his 20s with 'mental illness' (aka the new catchall phrase for people who's paranoia and hate has consumed them to the point of murder). These people aren't doing themselves any favors by laying blame at the feet of NAMs. These massacres are not the result of dope slanging gone wrong or gang warfare, its a result of a culture that teaches white suburbanites to fear all that is foreign to them to the point they ignore the very real dangers living among them. With this mentality the body count will only continue to rise

I also find it pretty funny how Alt-righter have been successful at avoiding any extracurricular contact with NAMs (via white flight, private/white-washed public schools for their kids, highly controlled social circles) yet when something/someone in the in-group fucks up in Whitetopia they blame it on NAMs who are nowhere to be found. 


-O-Files reader Y, Dec 22, 2012

"It has been interesting to witness the reponse of white nationalist-types to Obsidian’s argument. They’ve argued that we should still be focused mostly on black crime because although white men are 70 pct of mass shooters, white people are 70 percent of the population so it’s proportional. Black men, however, commit violence out of proportion with their numbers because they are inferior and inherently violent so that is where we need to focus our attention.

Of course the obvious rejoinder is that if black men are as inherently violent as they say, and white people have a far lower predisposition for violence, surely black men should be commiting mass shootings out of proportion to our numbers as well—but this is not happening. In fact, it is white men who are overperforming, if you will, when it comes to mass shootings. It’s not as if black criminals don’t have access to assault weapons, yet black involvement in crimes of mass death is much lower than their involvement in other kinds of crime. I would really be interested to see what people have to say about this."

- O-Files reader Dragnet, Dec 23, 2012

In the days since my last post covering the Sandy Hook massacre, it seems that my writings have gotten the attention of two of the more vociferous voices on the White Alt-Right: Chuck Ross, whom you all know, and a newcomer of sorts to the O-Files, one Vox Day. I look forward to chin-checking them both.

Let's begin, shall we?

Chuck goes first:

"Trollsidian has been coming at me behind the scenes for a while now.  I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just say that we’ve spoken on the phone at his request and he’s complimented me some and then criticized me some."

O: This is true, though grossly incomplete. I could be a real SOB and release the actual emails as to what was actually said and by whom and put the whole thing on blast, but instead I'll leave that to my private exchanges with Mr. Ross himself. Suffice it to say however, that what you're seeing from him is NOT what you actually get. 

Chuckie continues:

"He’s really gone on tilt since I started harping on the mainstream black opinion on Robert Griffin III.  If the black community really does think that RG3 is some sort of Uncle Tom then how in the hell does the black community, in the main, expect to attain a Middle Class American existence?  If “acting white” – or “being successful” – is something to frown upon, then how will they make it?  Basically, they won’t, and when they don’t they’ll just double down on the claim that institutional racism prevented them from being successful or uneducated or poor or criminal."

O: Hmm. OK, lemme get this straight - here we have a guy who's posted about RG3 no less than a half a dozen times, and I'm the one who's "gone on tilt"? To date I've only had one post on RG3, and that was really in response to this knucklehead's blatherings on the issue. Moreover, Chuck's simpleton argument is downright dumb, since I not only roundly debunked it, but Chuck has refused to respond eversince:

"I cannot speak for Mr. Parker, but Champ made very clear in his post that he was and remains an ardent Obama supporter - a Man who was literally, RAISED BY WHITE PEOPLE. Nor is he by any means alone, if Black voting totals in the past two presidential elections is anything to go by. Clearly, Black people, in toto, disagree with you; If indeed your "simple argument" held water, Barack Obama would NOT have become the 44th POTUS. 

As I've noted above, I am the product of solidly working/middle class roots. My parents were married for 30 years, until the day my father died. I come from three generations of US Marines. Ms. Brown Sugah's parents were/are also solidy middle class, and her father served in Vietnam. Both our closest Black friends came from families a heck of a lot closer to the one you praised raised RG3, and more to the point, she attended "White" schools, all the way through grad school, while I was speaking "White" from kindergarten age - yet, neither one of us was ever derided for it, nor had our "Blackness" questioned. I think this is because of other factors that I may write about in due course. 

In any event, Obama clearly debunks your "simpleton" argument. I also note, with a degree of satisfaction I might add, that you have failed to address my above points per my email. Please feel free to actually do so - with at least some evidence this time(?) - at your leisure."

Please feel free to respond anytime you like Chump, er, Chuck...

Not to be outdone, Chuck goes on:

"The Troll had a problem with my linking to a post by Vox Day about the racial breakdown of murder in America.  The discussion after Newtown has moved quickly.  It went from discussing mass shootings to gun violence in general.  Critics claim that the U.S. is an inherently violent country.  But when you control for race, the nation seems more on par with the sainted nations of Western Europe.  Minnesota isn’t much different than Sweden.  American crime rates can’t be compared, straight up.  The facts confronted Obsidian so he lashed out at me, in email.  I told him to take it up with Vox Day and it appears that he might have.  Vox Day has responded on his blog and basically thumped The Troll."

O: Hardly, as we'll see in a moment; but to get back to Chuck - and by extension the whole of the White Alt-Right - isn't it fascinating that they utterly refuse to address the very real problem of White Males Shooting Up The Place? Why now all the concern trolling over Black gun crime? Why now all the concern over, say, abortion? Why now the sudden need to launch into these psuedo-logical discourses about "who's committing the real crime"? Of course anyone who even has a modicum of commonsense can see that this is all squid ink - the White Alt-Right Manosphere simply refuses to place the blame of White Male Violence squarely where it belongs - on said White Males themselves. 

Chuck staggers on:

"Oh wow, that means that over the past 30 years whites committed 73.3% of mass murders.  And in 1980 whites made up almost 80% of the U.S. population.  Today they make up about 72%.  Sooooo…white mass murderers fit their demographic representation.  This is quite unlike black murderers who are greatly overrepresented compared to their population representation.  The general numbers are that blacks are only 13% of the U.S. population but commit over half of the murders and violent crimes in the nation.  And a far larger number of crimes to boot."

O: So what? None of those Blacks shot up a White school last week, murdered dozens of White kids and half a dozen of White Women. None of those Blacks were responsible for the mass murders at that movie theater in Aurora. None of those Blacks were responsible for what went down at that Sikh temple. And none of those Blacks were responsible for what went down out in Oregon. This "proportional" argument is just downright disingenuous, fullstop, and the White Alt-Righters know it - which is why NONE of them have deigned to question the marketing strategies of outfits like Bushmaster - you know, the weapons company that has as its tagline, "Consider your Man Card Reissued"? Yea, that one. 

Which brings me to Mr. Purple Prose himself, one Vox Day, who says that my recent calling him out was quite the bold move; based on what I see from him in response, he's got moves that even I would have trouble keeping up with. Didn't know a White boy could shimmy like that.

His response consists largely of squid ink, hyperbole, personal insult and rhetorical finger-snapping that would make a flaming gay guy blush, but Mr. VD seems to have experienced a rare moment of clarity when he said the following:

"There are real problems to discuss with regards to why young white men commit acts of mass murder.  But they are completely unrelated to the arguments that the pro-gun control forces have presented, and to which I have responded."

O: I couldn't agree more, Vox! So, riddle me this one, Voxman:

WHY AREN'T YOU DISCUSSING THOSE "REAL PROBLEMS" AS TO WHY YOUNG WHITE MEN COMMIT ACTS OF MASS MURDER? I mean, why are you spending so much precious time debunking ostensibly dubious arguments pro-gun control supporters and the like are proferring, if you know there are "real problems to discuss" as to why "young white men commit acts of mass murder"? I mean, you're a pretty prolific guy, right? We should see you tackling the, I don't know, reasons why Bushmaster has to market its products in a way that clearly exploits the evolved sexual psychology of said White males - right? 


I went and did a quick Google using Vox Day's handle and the terms "young white men mass murder", and the results were...paltry, at best. In fact, just for shits and giggles, I entered the search terms "Vox Day Bushmaster", and again got...nothing. 

The conclusion is clear - White Alt-Righters like Vox Day not only have zero problem with the way Bushmaster markets its products, it really doesn't have that much of a problem with White Men Snapping Out either - if anything, as Dave Futrelle of the blog Manboobz makes clear, guys like Vox Day take the view that said White Guys Flipping Out is seen as a legitimate act of resistance (and isn't it just a weebit fascinating that the only guy who happens to be asking these questions about the marketing practices of armorers like Bushmaster, also just so happens to be the Black guy - not the self-proclaimed saviors of White Western Civ? Hmm?). Don't believe me? Take a look at the comments section of VD's post responding to me, and see for yourself the attempts on the part of his readers to actually debate the merits of the depraved actions of one Anders Breivik. 

That both Chuck and Vox Day can spend all their time talking about how bad Black folk really are, in the wake of one of the worst mass shooting sprees in American history - where the victims and perp, were White, really tells you all you need to know about what the Alt-Right Manosphere, is truly all about. 

Shameful shit, folks. Shameful.

*No firearms were used in the double chin-checking of Knuckleheads in this post

Now adjourn your asses...

The Obsidian

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